Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Another WIP Wednesday

I'm here again for another WIP Wednesday, I'm liking having some routine for my blog though will admit that at my knitting pace WIP Wednesday could be the same post over and over again for a number of weeks!

Not to dwell on my knitting speed though I shall progress with my post and this Wednesday it's all about the lace.

I am now working on the third repeat of the main body of the shawl, it needs six repeats before going onto the border and I am LOVING this project. The yarn is just divine, soft with a gentle sheen and an change in shades of green, so subtle that my camera ( compact camera to come soon I hope!) can't pick it up but in real life it's there and it's simply marvellous. I haven't been so in love with a yarn before, not since the lime green of my Cookie A Mystery Socks and even that yarn doesn't compare to this stuff.




Let me say now I see the mistakes, you don't have to point them out, I'm choosing to ignore them. I know that's terrible and lazy and what a bad knitter I am BUT I didn't notice the big and most glaring mistake until I'd already finished the second repeat. More annoyingly I made EXACTLY THE SAME MISTAKE the first time I knit the first repeat of this (the one that was frogged and started again blogged about here) I'm not ripping back again. I can't. I wont. I shall concentrate and hope not to make any more mistakes and with some careful pinning out when I block it I hope to make it look like I didn't miss off a yarn over.

Please note that mistake was made pre-wine on Friday night. Perhaps I should drink more when knitting as I didn't make any mistakes when I had been drinking!

In other news I regularly read Mooncalf's blog, Mooncalf Makes and enjoy how frequently she posts and the lovely pictures. Of late there have been a lot of little knitted monsters in her blog and oh how I covet one. The rational part of me says "stay calm, you don't have the time, don't start a new project now, you don't need any knitted toys" but the irrational part says "knitted monsters, KNITTED MONSTERS, we must have these, we must have these now, get a pattern, knit knit knit!" so far rational part of my has been winning. Just. There is one of the patterns by this designed though that is in my queue. A very dear friend of mine is just obsessed with pugs and I know that Wasabi the Gregarious Pug would just light up her life so he is in my queue, ready for when I'm done with my shawl, done with my circle socks and at least half way done with MiL's Christmas pressie...then I will buy the pattern and cast on.


  1. I'm knitting some lace too and it's so difficult to sort out mistakes! I've decided to put in a lifeline after each pattern repeat, so that if I do have to frog, it won't be too far back, and at least I can pick up the stitches easily. I've had to pull back twice so far! Love the colour of the yarn you're using!

  2. Your shawl is looking lovely, I love lace but never want to knit it, although I have made two Ishbel shawls recently. I wish I had the patience to knit more.