Monday, 23 August 2010

Lovely green yarn

I got a comment asking what yarn I was using for my green shawl so I thought I'd show you.

Knitting 022

It's Violet Green Mulberry Merino Lace in the colourway Gooseberry, it's a merino/silk blend and does have a gorgeous sheen. It's super soft and an absolute joy to knit with. It has a very subtle variation in the shades of green which gives it real depth when knitted up and I just love, love, love it! I just hope my lace knitting can do it justice. I really hope to have this shawl finished in time for my holiday at the end of September.

To my great joy I have a second skein of this gorgeous yarn in my stash but it is an un-dyed version. I don't really wear white/cream. My wedding day was the first day in my life I've worn all white (well ivory) and the plain white items in my wardrobe are limited to one cardigan, one blouse and one vest top. That's it. I just spill on it and make a mess if I wear white! As such I'm not sure what to do with this skein, I probably wouldn't wear a white shawl (it would feel too bridal I think) but do I dare attempt to dye such beautiful yarn myself? I'm just not sure...

Knitting 021


  1. Ooh, maybe you could make something nice of the house with the white? Edging to go on bed-sheets or pillowcases? A beautiful lace tablecloth? I have big plans for a lace table runner is i ever get around to it.

    How much do you drool when you look on Violet Green's website? Gorgeous!

  2. Oh very much so, I generally avoid it to save my bank balance!

  3. Hi Laura! I always like to read your blog, you write so funny! I am sure you will be able to paint the yarn yourself, it is easy! Just think of a nice landskape and use the colors in mind for your yarn.
    Bye! Julia