Friday, 9 July 2010

This is where I throw a little strop...

Remember that pretty lacy thing I was working on? All green and merino/silk blend with such a lovely, delicate pattern...that thing I was almost done with the second repeat of the main pattern of? That thing I was so proud of?

Pride comes before a fall.

Here is my latest photo, you may notice that I have gone backwards since my previous photo.

knitting 137

Please excuse the blur, I suppose I was shaking with rage or too angry to check that I was in focus! Note I'm back on a proper digital camera and not my phone though it's not my usual, it's my bulky and old digital camera which annoyingly seems to take better pictures than my newer little one! ANYWAY. I messed up. I messed up badly. I noted my mistakes and tried to frog to my lifeline, I messed that up too. Then the yarn snapped. ARGH. So here I am, starting over, I'm not too angry. Honest.

There has also been progress on other, less frustrating, knitting projects. I am knitting my second pair of circle socks. I like this pattern, it is easy to memorise, looks really clever whilst being easy-peasy AND it looks good in self striping yarn which I have rather a lot of. This particular self-striping is Kaffe Fassett design line exotic colour in "zany" and I do rather like it.
knitting 136

I also finished (the toe isn't grafted in the picture but in reality it's done) the first of the socks I'm knitting for Mr Northernmonkey using the Opal yarn he bought for me whilst we were in Berlin. I don't know why I took so long on this (well I do as I was drawn away by exciting patterns and softer yarn but we wont talk about that!) as when I was focused on these they knit up quickly. I must get the second one done though in the current hot weather I'd say he isn't in such a rush for wool socks.

knitting 135

I have packed my knitting back for a little jaunt away next week, I have of course over packed in this area but the thought of not having enough knitting is just too terrible to contemplate! I've put in the circle sock (and the second ball of yarn to make it's friend) and my shawl as well as another 2 balls of Kaffe Fasset sock yarn (exotic colour pool this time, a bargain from Kemps of course!) should I finish the circle socks and want another mindless, sockish knitting project. We're going with 4 friends and two small children so I do wonder whether the shawl will be knit on at all, I fear it requires too much concentration for such a holiday! I am rather excited that for once I will not be doing all of the driving as we are sharing a car with two of the friends so I will get car sock knitting time, fantastic! I never usually get this.

I will be back with tales of our trip in just over a week, I shall try to hunt down yarn shops though technically I am stashing busting and not supposed to be buying more yarn. I am trying but I fear failing to convince my friends we should go to the wool museum!


  1. I am loving the circle socks!

    Have a great time on your trip! :)

  2. Boo to the lacy thing, sorry it's gone all wrong :(

    Have a good trip :)

  3. You're entitled to throw a strop: I'd be throwing a lot more!! But don't give up! That shawl is truely beautiful.

    Your socks are fab, the circle socks yarn is gorgeous. I would stick with the socks on holiday, have a lovely time!