Thursday, 12 August 2010

Round and round and round we go

I had forgotten how quickly a plain, stockinette sock can progress. I cast on the second sock to the pair being knit for Mr.Lambanana on Monday evening after he had sulked tremendously when he saw me knitting the scarf/shawl for his mother. The words "when are you going to finish MY socks?" were spoken and a heavy dose of guilt was piled on me. He's quite right though, I should finish them, I did start them way back at the end of April! I started them but was distracted by the beautiful lime green, excitingly cabled socks, then I was distracted by a baby cardigan, then by a pair of circle socks (though I didn't finish those…oops!), then by a lace shawl (also not finished), then by another baby cardigan, then by his MiL's gift… the poor socks were abandoned! My beloved husband, the man who buys me quite a lot of this yarn! He deserves so much better.

I listened to the whinging, accepted that it was quite reasonable, cast on and am already 10 rounds from the heel flap. These socks just whizzed by, I really had forgotten how quickly they can grow when it's just knit, knit, knit every round. Wow! I am hopeful that they will be finished within the next week or two and he can finally wear his handknit socks…even though it's August and he really shouldn't need handknit socks at the moment!


As quickly as this sock is going I really can't wait to get it finished and work on that lovely pink, lacy scarf again.


  1. Whenever I start a pair of socks, I always intent to follow a pattern ... then I realize how quickly plain socks go! I hope the Mister appreciates them!

  2. I just found your blog after you left a comment on mine. I love your sock knitting!

    Which yarn are you using for your Husband's socks? I like the colours and the fact that it's self-striping.

  3. Thank you for the comments :) The yarn is Opal Schafpate purchased in Germany, the wool used comes from sheep bred in Germany then is spun and dyed there as well. This is one of three different colourways I bought when in Berlin (my husband picked it out as he wanted the socks made from it!) and the colours are lovely and it does feel and smell very sheepy if that makes sense? You can get it in the UK though, I've definitely seen it.