Saturday, 7 August 2010


Karma has bitten me in the rear. Of course, why wouldn't it? I accept that this is all my fault and I apologise to the knitting gods, to karma and to my mother.

Remember my mocking of my mother for running out of yarn recently?

Remember the law of knitting that you only run out of yarn when you have exactly the right amount?

Remember how when making a yarn substitution from that recommended in the pattern you should check your yardage?

Yes...well perhaps I forgot.

knitting 144

The collar is supposed to be 5cm, that little loop of yarn is all I have left.


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  1. I have made two large projects in which I purchased the precise amount of yarn ... only to run back to the store two extra times, for each project, to buy more yarn. The frugal part of me hates buying more than I need, but the practical part wants to not be tempted with extra trips to the yarn store!