Monday, 2 August 2010

The baby cardigan continues

I've been looking at pictures of Knit Nation and all the goodies people brought back...oh my...I'm not jealous...not at all...not even a teensy bit.

Well maybe a teensy bit!

I couldn't go this year, I didn't have enough money anyway but even if I had we were visiting the in-laws and Mr.Northernmonkey's grandparents. Not something to skirt away from! Next time though Mr.Northernmonkey has said we can go so I should probably start saving up now!

I don't need more yarn anyway, aside from buying some yarn for Christmas present knitting I've not bought any for a little while and my sock club has lapsed and I wont be renewing until I get through some of my stash. Oh the's rather overwhelming. I don't know exactly how much there is, this was my last photo of it:


I know it has grown by then, at least by 5 pairs of socks worth of yarn, a skein of laceweight and some more baby yarn plus 4 skeins to be made into Christmas pressies. Oh dear oh dear! I also bought yarn specially to knit my lime green socks which isn't in that picture but went into the stash and was knit up straight away.

Of all the yarn in that picture I have only knit 2 of the balls of Regia (well almost knit as my circle socks are coming along) one and a bit balls of baby yarn for a little cardigan, one of the balls of Opal (half of as I only have one sock of the pair so far) and I've started knitting with the green laceweight. It's not good. I know there are people who have a lot more yarn than this and as stashes go it's pretty manageable BUT I don't knit particularly quickly, I don't get as much time as I'd like to knit and I really don't have the storage space to keep any more than this.

I do have definite plans for some of it. The Paton's Pompero is for a cardigan in progress, I have lots of baby patterns and lots of babies in the family or on the way to knit for and that raspberry coloured Debbie Bliss is destined to be a February Lady Sweater when I get the knit to knit one.

I continue to work on my current baby cardigan and now have the back and the left front plus the ribbing of the right front (not shown) it's an easy enough knit and goes quickly when I actually sit down and work on it but that's the problem, time to sit and work on it. Fortunately I have just about caught up with the housework which I'd been behind on since we returned from our holiday so now I should be able to get good knitting time every evening. I'll need it if I want to knit for my mum and mother in law and still finish another 5 pairs of socks before the year is out. Oh my!

knitting 139

In frustrating news I appear to have actually lost my compact digital camera leaving me with only a 7 year old and rather bulky one, it takes good photos and still works just fine (though takes AA batteries in place of a little rechargeable one like my compact and oh my does it burn through them, frustrating even when using rechargeable AA batteries) but it doesn't fit in my pocket or my handbag and it takes XD not SD cards and well...I like having a little dinky camera which weighs very little and can just be grabbed and taken in a pocket or a small handbag. Bah!


  1. I know what you mean about knitnation. I missed it too this year. Have promised myself to go next year. What a great stash. I love the colour of the Debbie Bliss for the February Lady Sweater.

  2. Thank you! It was purchased in the sale at John Lewis last December, I somehow managed to resist buying more in a lovely purple colour when I was there recently but as I hadn't knit the first lot I bought yet I didn't allow myself any more! All the adult garment sized quantities of yarn have been sale purchases, mostly Kemps and Readicut.