Friday, 6 August 2010

And now, the end is near...

The end of my baby cardigan WIP of course!

Last night I finished the button band and almost (just need to cast off) finished the buttonhole band. I just need to add the collar and sew it up and I'm done. I'm pleased with the knitting, we'll see how the making up goes! I'm going to press it to make the edges lie as flat as possible before I attempt the seams and I'll take it slowly and do the neatest job I can. I like baby knits, they're just so quick! This wasn't even the first size, I did a 3-6 months so it lasts a little longer but even then it has only taken just over a week to do. Good stuff, can't complain about that!


My mum came over on Tuesday and I took the opportunity to get her to help me with a bit of ball winding! I'm rubbish at it, just as I knit far too tightly I wind balls too tightly. I'm far better at holding the yarn whilst she gently winds in a way that matches her loose knitting. I have repeatedly tried to tell the lovely Mr.Northernmonkey that I need a ball winder but he wont be convinced...drat! Never mind though, that's what mum's are for right?!

This is the lovely, pink, squishy ball of merino sock yarn (purchased in the sock sale at destined to become a scarf for my mother in law...I'm rather hoping I have enough yarn over to whip up a pair of socks or at least little footies if not full length ones for myself as I do think the colour is rather scrummy. It's called Pimms and is all shades of dusky, rosy pink gorgeousness. I'm rather envious really and desperately want to keep it for myself but I wont, I promise! She wanted red actually and it looked more red on the website but I'm not using that as an excuse to get red yarn for her and keep this for myself, that is very naughty indeed and I can't afford to and don't need any more yarn until I've knit some of what I've got.


I don't know how much knitting time I'll get this weekend, I've volunteered to be a white van woman tonight and tomorrow for my cousin who is moving house, Mr.Northernmonkey will be helping me but I get to drive the van which I am very excited about, I do love driving vans! I desperately wanted one when I got my last car but alas couldn't justify it and got a car that is about as far from a van (in terms of size) as was probably possible. I'm always quick to volunteer though where people need moving assistance and van driving duties!

Important knitting to-do list:

Finish baby cardigan
Finish circle socks (how are these still unfinished?!)
Cast on MiL's scarf
Cast on second sock in pair for Mr.Northernmonkey (also still unfinished, WHY?!)

I'm not looking beyond those four things as my knitting to do list is just too vast and terrifying!

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