Sunday, 19 August 2012

Wow...a finished project!

As I'm sure you can imagine I don't get much knitting time these days and even less time to write about it! Still the magic of technology and the blogger app mean I've managed to get a picture of my latest FO and can make a quick post about it.

This took forever to knit as I kept picking it up and putting it down again and then when I'd planned to finish it on my maternity leave I had only the sleeve, button bands and making up to go and it was the night before my due date...well Abigail decided to scupper my plans and be one of 5% of babies born on her due date.

It has taken me the last 16 weeks to find the time to finish it off! Still it was done and fortunately it does still fit and will for a little while.

I may not have much knitting time but I have an adorable model!