Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I finished my alpaca socks :) They are soft and snuggly and beautiful. They are a little big on the leg and fall down a smidge but less so than my other socks and I'm dropping a needle size for my next pair of plain stockinette socks. I don't care that they're baggy because they're just so wonderfully soft. I don't think the yarn will survive too much wearing and washing as it's 100% alpaca but I'll try to be gentle and loving with them as I adore them so.

More photos are available on my ravelry I'm there as NorthernMonkey

I immediately cast on another pair of plain, top down, stockinette socks. This time I'm using 2.5mm needles and some lovely Regia yarn in a Germany colourway, perfect for my trip to Berlin in March. I do like Regia a lot, the colours are bright, it washes well, it isn't splitty or annoying and it comes in such lovely self-striping and other styles that I don't see what's not to love. It is also relatively cheap and easily available from a standard craft shop and John Lewis when I can't get to my LYS where they sell far more beautiful things...

I like to have plain socks on the needles at the same time as patterned ones, I'm working on my second circle sock at home but I stuff the plain stockinette ones in my bag and take them everywhere as they require no real brain power, no pattern, no trouble. Circle socks are not particularly complex pattern wise and it is easily memorable but I do like to be sitting at home where I can keep count for which row I'm on so I don't get distracted and have to unpick rows. I am seaching for the perfect pattern to move on to after finishing the circle socks. I'm supposed to be knitting Cauchy for SKA but I haven't got beyond the cast on so might switch to something different!

My scarf is progressing, I'm about half way done now but the snow is melting...it is still cold and I do need a scarf but I do think maybe I should have finished it whilst it was snowing!! When my scarf is finished I am going to cast on a cardigan for myself, first time knitting an adult garment of that size. Fingers crossed it goes well!

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