Saturday, 2 January 2010

New year, new blog

I probably should have posted yesterday, the first day of 2010 but never mind that, here goes!

After being on-line for years and reading lots of blogs I decided to start my own. The primary focus being on my knitting but hopefully with bits about my day to day life

In 2009 I got married and whilst on my honeymoon I purchased a knitting magazine which came with free double pointed needles. I had already been knitting for a year (not including when my grandma taught me as a child which didn't go beyond endless squares of garter stitch on fat needles in cheap acrylic) but I hadn't really thought of knitting socks. I'd seen from Ravelry and knitting blogs that it was popular but didn't really get it myself. I then went into a yarn shop (my new husband waited outside patiently!) where they were selling some sock yarn that came with a free pattern, the other knitting project I had with me wasn't going very well so I thought why not? I walked out of the shop with a ball of yarn and a pattern then when I back to our cottage I cast on.

The first sock was done quickly, I learned new skills and felt immensely proud. I finished the second a little later taking about 3 months all together, I thought they were just wonderful and I knew right then I needed to knit more.

I asked hubby for a set of DPNs and more sock yarn for my birthday, very sure I was going to be knitting a lot more socks! I cast on a second pair and got knitting, this time with a pattern on them. I slowed my progress a little, knit other projects in between which included a pair of socks for my husband for Christmas but just after Christmas I finished my second pair of socks for myself having also knit a further plain sock for a third pair and my husband's Christmas socks.

I suppose the reason I am posting about this is that I am admitting I am becoming quite obsessed with knitting socks! I just love it. I have so much sock yarn now waiting to become beautiful socks and one of my goals for 2010 is to knit at least a pair a month. I am already on my way with this having cast on a sock on 30th December and today getting to decreasing for the gusset.

Part of this blog will be updating progress on my knitting 12 pairs of socks (for myself at least, I've also promised my mum some for her birthday which wont count to my total) and it will also be keeping track of my knitting generally. My other knitting goal for 2010 is to knit my first adult sized garment, a cardigan for myself. I have cardigan/jumper sized quantities of two different yarns in my stash and I want to at least knit one cardigan.

It is also a goal to keep up with my blog, I do have a habit of getting excited about things and being really in to them for a couple of weeks then just giving up, I will not allow my blog to be one of those things.

I hope 2010 is wonderful and full of yarn-y goodness or whatever other goodness keeps people happy.

Best get back to my knitting...

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