Monday, 18 January 2010


I had never looked much on Kemps before. I find the endless pages of the value wools quite overwhelming and my experience is that I get through the first 5 pages or so and they all seem to be novelty yarns I have no interest in so I close down the site and look elsewhere. After reading through back entries of Snoopydogknits I found that actually there are awesome bargains to be had, she got Regia sock yarn for £1.20 per ball. I’m a big fan of Regia. The colours are great, it feels nice to knit with and it washes really well getting softer after a wash. I am on my third pair of socks knit with it and also used it for some fingerless gloves (as well as having 2 further pairs knit with Regia on the needles) and I have plenty in my sock yarn collection (it’s not a stash!) I see it is a good staple to have in and I buy it when it’s on offer. Anyway…the promise of Regia on the cheap spurned me on to go through the full 13 or so pages of reduced yarn in search of bargains.

I may have gone a little overboard with Kemps. I didn’t spend a vast amount (I don’t think so anyway) but as well as 6 balls of Regia (for 3 pairs of socks plus leftovers…perhaps it’s time to start on a sock yarn blanket!) I got 10 balls of Patons Pompero to use with a pattern I saw in one of my magazines a while back which I really like and 12 balls of Rowan luxury cotton DK which I’m sure I have patterns for in one of my Rowan magazines, it’s a lovely purple colour and was only 99p per ball, how could I resist such a bargain?! Clearly I couldn’t…if only I had more knitting time.

I have a day off on Friday and the beloved Mr.Monkey is away overnight with work so I’ll be spending Thursday night and most of Friday day (short breaks for housework, if only I could afford a maid!) knitting. The luxury of a day to myself to knit is one I don’t fail to appreciate. Mr.Monkey has no problem with the knitting (providing I keep my yarn tidied away when not in use) but the peace and calm of no interruptions, no questions, no need for my attention to be given to anything but my needles and my yarn…I love it. He’s away next Monday night as well, I miss him terribly when he’s gone but hey…at least I have something to fill my time and keep me from getting bored!

I hope that when I get home the yarn for his valentines present will be waiting. He doesn’t know but I’m knitting him a Sackboy. He is rather a fan of gaming and whilst Little Big Planet isn’t his favourite and we didn’t get very far in our attempts to play it together I know he does think that Sackboy is very cute so hopefully this gift will go down well. I want to make him a weighted companion cube but the only pattern I’ve found involves steeking and I just don’t dare do it…perhaps that’s something for the future…that or pattern design to come up with my own!!

I need more knitting time, I have so many ideas and plans but with a full time job where do I fit it all in?! If only we could afford for me to be a housewife whilst husband worked…not that any housework would get done but hey…I could stay at home and knit!


  1. Wow! you have been well and truly bitten by the sock bug! I live the colours in your Circle socks. I made a pair of socks in the Artesano yarn, and mine accidentally found their way into the washing machine! They were well and truly felted! Your 'Laughing Yaffle' yarn is fab - I have a few skeins of Ali's yarn in my stash too!

  2. Ohhh...I have never heard of Kemps, but I will investigate.

    As for knitting time, I usually resort to popping a sock out of my bag whenever I have five free minutes, like waiting in line, sitting in a coffee shop, making my husband drive me to work....yup. I can get a surprising amount done that way. But I am still looking for some real, quality knitting time too. What's a woolmonger to do?

  3. Hello there,
    I live in a small city in Wisconsin, a short distance from a little spot in the road called Leeds and a short distance from there is North Leeds.Have been a knitter for long while.I also find myself looking up yarns shops in the area or where ever I go . Kris