Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Knitting plans

I'm trying to make some knitting plans, definite and ordered plans instead of just bumbling along with whatever. Not that there's anything really wrong with bumbling along with whatever.

I love love love my alpaca socks so much, they're just wonderful. I must finish my alpaca/bamboo blend scarf so I can wrap myself up in its super soft beauty, I think I need to set myself a deadline for that...Sunday? That seems sensible and not unrealistic.

I want to knit another hat, I downloaded Rose Red by Ysolda but need to get some perfect yarn for it. I've read a lot of good things about how this looks knit in Rowan's Felted Tweed which is looking like a possibility. I had hoped to buy this with money from my tutoring job (every Wednesday afternoon) but sadly it was cancelled again this week because of the awful, icy conditions. I get paid this week so could still buy some but perhaps I should wait for next week, that will also give time for the ice to thaw out a bit before attempting to get to my LYS which is currently a nightmare.

I fell on the ice this morning, it was awful. A full on comedy fall, legs out from under me and flat on my back winding myself and leaving me in considerable pain. The pain has eased somewhat through the day but I am still sore. I hate this weather. The snow last week was beautiful but the temperatures have raised enough to melt it a little before dropping again enough to freeze the semi-melted snow leaving streets like ice-rinks. It's now snowing again, just when it had started to thaw a bit. It's intense and not at all British!

Along with Rose Red I have downloaded Ishbel, also by Ysolda. I have covetted this for so long, I think it's beautiful. I haven't knit lace before...well I tried a scarf but kept messing up and gave up on it for a bit. That was with a laceweight though (jumping in with both feet) and I intend to try Ishbel with a 4ply first. I will have a go at a small lace project first though, I have a pattern for some little bags to keep lavendar in which I may do as a bit of practice first. I know Rose Red also has some lace...the best way to learn though is my doing so I shall do and I shall learn.

New yarn arrived last night. I cut my husband's hair to save him from going to the barbers (which he'd probably never do if I didn't cut it!) and he has decided that from now he will pay me in amounts enough to buy beautiful sock yarn. This meant that on Saturday when I cut his hair I got £10 and pretty quickly I got onto and got some of her gorgeous yarn in the Hummingbird colourway. I was delighted to receive it yesterday, that's pretty awesome service if you ask me and the little note and sparkles in with the yarn were a lovely touch, I am impressed and will be ordering again in future.

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