Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I appear to have a severe case of startitis...or is it cast-onitis? I don't know. I just want to start so many things. Last knit I cast on and knit the first two rows (so not much) of the sleeves for a cardigan (pattern from a magazine, pictures will come when I get my act together and take the photographs!) I followed someone's suggestion of knitting them two at a time so they match and there you go, I started. The thing is I haven't finished my Rose Red yet and was supposed to be finishing that before starting a new project, particularly before starting a large project. I am also on the instep decreases of the first of a new pair of socks for me but am itching to cast on socks for my mum's birthday so they're done in time.

Then there's Ishbel, that pattern is just calling to me and I'm struggling to ignore. It's my first "proper" lace project (the other lace being in the Rose Red but that's only a little bit of it) and whilst I've seen lots of lovely yarn I'd love to make one with I'm doing my first with hand-dye effect Regia (yes more Regia, I may have a problem with that stuff...it's not the most luxurious yarn but the massive variety makes it pretty much irresistable to me! That plus it's relatively inexpensive and it washes well) and I just want to cast it on and start, even though I should at least finish my hat first if not the cardigan.

Then I want to knit a charity baby blanket (I've done a grand total of one square) so I keep thinking I should work on that. I also found out that a family member is expecting and so I am thinking gorgeous little baby knits...ARGH!!

I don't feel particularly motivated to finish any of these things, I just want to start them.

Oh and I want to make some fetchings and a hat for my mum as she knit me a GORGEOUS short sleeved cardigan using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, this was a belated Christmas present and there were 2 full balls and most of a third left over. She said as it was my Christmas present I can have the yarn but I want to knit her something with it.

I definitely need my husband to get a high flying, mega-bucks job so I can quit mine and knit full time as that's the only way I have any hope of finishing everything I have planned.

At least all of these plans involve stash yarn and aren't excuses for buying more. Paying £88.50 for a new passport (including check and send and my documents being returned by special delivery) put paid to my chances of affording more yarn this month. I must stick to my guns, only knit from the stash until we're in Berlin when I can buy more if I see something fabulous. THE YARN IS CALLING TO ME AND I FEEL POWERLESS TO RESIST!!!

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