Sunday, 17 January 2010


I finally finished my Irish Hiking Scarf today and am feeling reasonably happy with it. I say reasonably as it's 58" long and I prefer a longer scarf because I like to be able to wrap them twice around my neck. Unfortunately I did not have enough yarn to knit another repeat of the colour pattern so had to leave it shorter. I'm happy though. The cables look good, the yarn is beautiful and soft and it goes well with both my recently knit hat and my favourite coat. I am happy.
The yarn is gorgeous, it's Mirasol Qina, an alpaca and bamboo blend. It's soft and has wonderful stitch's a bit pricey for not a lot of yards BUT it's so gorgeous that I forgive it.

I am now desperately trying to get my circle socks finished before the end of the month so they count for the SKA challenge.

The whole disaster in Haiti has been making me feel very emotional. I have donated to MSF, the Yarn Harot has details on her blog of how you can donate. I have also made the decision to sponsor a child through World Vision , it's money I'd probably only spend on frivilous things and sadly that does include yarn, I have lots and it wouldn't hurt me to buy less. I just want to do a little, and it is only a little, I can't cope with doing nothing at all though.

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