Tuesday, 26 April 2011

You're not the boss of me now

Tsk tsk no blog in two weeks? Naughty...

I got a bit fed up with my knitting and my silly rules about what I must finish before starting anything new. Well those rules just made me not want to knit any of my WIPs. The recent sunny weather made knitting woolly socks, gloves and a scarf unappealing. Also I got this little delivery:

APRIL2011 001

Pretty boxy project bags from Zigzag Stitches on Etsy with a charming owl print, I love them

APRIL2011 002

It would have been rude not to start a new project to put in one of them right? I will not let my WIPs and my notebook on Ravelry be the boss of me and shall knit what I please when I please. Excuse blur though it adds to the "what am I knitting" mystery I suppose!


Also the sunny weather rather gave me an itch for one of my other favourite activities...camping! In all the sun of last week I got our kit out and gave it a good airing ready for our first camping trip of the year in May, I can't wait

APRIL2011 003

Annoyingly the weather has resumed it's usual grey Britishness, how dare it?! I should have known all that sun was too good to be true...I just hope that wasn't our entire summer, I have pretty cotton dresses to wear, BBQs to eat and fields to sleep in.


  1. Your new bag is super cute and definitely deserved to be filled with a new project. Cast on, I say! Seize the day.

  2. I have an owl bag on its way to me from zigzagstitches too. Her bags are my fav!

  3. I'm exactly the same - as soon as I start giving myself rules I end up not wanting to do anything. A gorgeous new project bag seems like an excellent incentive to change the rules ;)

  4. Hurrah! I've been having the same battle with myself, one side won and something new was cast on last night, LOL!! Lovely bag, too cute!! Have fun camping, I'm sure that's a good place to knit.

  5. Oooooooooooh! Luvverly bags! I must go and investigate, you naughty enabler you!!!

  6. Ooohh!! Those bags are lovely, the owls are so cheerful! I so understand your rules, I tend to to do that too. But you're right! Why should our knitting be the boss of us?! Happy WIPs and camping.

  7. I say: Cast on. I can't tell you how many projects I have going just now -- and it doesn't really matter. Knitting should be about joy not rules!

    Very, very cute project bags.

  8. How dare the nice weather interfere with knitting! It's definitely a double edged sword. I cannot wait for camping!