Saturday, 2 April 2011

Something to aspire to- 2KCBWDAY6


I had a think about all the beautiful patterns I've seen, all the beautiful projects I would like to knit. I do want to knit them but I wouldn't say I aspire to them, I just have them in my queue and do intend at some point to give them a go.

For Christmas 2009 my mum bought me this book (excuse the rubbish photo, it's grey and dreary in Leeds this morning and I couldn't get good light anywhere)

book 004

I had been knitting for a year and hadn't tried anything particularly adventurous. I had a flick through but that was it as it all seemed way beyond me.

I'm feeling more confident as a knitter now and what I'd like to have a go at more than anything else is writing up my own pattern. I don't want to sell patterns or anything I just want to design some things for myself and I am determined to give it a go. That's what I aspire to.

Also a clarification for yesterday's post, I don't have more pairs of shoes than balls of yarn, I just have more storage boxes containing shoes than storage boxes containing yarn. This is probably still a problem.


  1. I'd like to give designing a go too!

  2. I have played with writing a few patterns down and boy does that make me realize that it takes a lot of patience and that I need to go to pattern writing school, lol. I am sure that you will do just fine at it.

    Go for it!!

  3. Good luck with that. I don't have the confidence to have a go at knitting most patterns I see, never mind designing my own.

  4. I've sort of designed my own tank top pattern - which was super easy. It's not the best fit, or the best shape or the best, anything really, but I got a huge kick out of knowing I hadn't followed a pattern. My advice, just jump in and try something :D