Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Welcoming the merry month of May

As a UK person working in a standard office job I must say I'm rather getting on board with this 3/4 day weeks business and will be most disappointed next week when I'm in all 5 days! Unfortunately it's also throwing me completely off balance and I'm rather losing track of what day it actually is. I knew what day it was today though as I woke up to a little pile of cards waiting to be opened.

I had a lovely weekend. We did not watch the Royal Wedding, I'm not particularly interested in the Royals or in weddings I'm not invited to/where I don't know the people getting married so I was never going to get into the wedding fever that seemed to hit so many people. I'm not complaining about the wedding though, I would never complain about an extra bank holiday!

Instead I caught up with a lot of housework and did some serious spring cleaning then went to a 60th birthday party on Sunday. It was a good weekend really and the good weather meant I could dry all my washing outdoors, I do love that line dried smell.

Yesterday was a day of baking, I spent almost all day in the kitchen making buns to bring to work today.

Chocolatey buns

APRIL2011 012

The chocolatey buns were topped with chocolate ganache made from dark chocolate (85% cocoa solids...yummy) and double cream, not good for the waistline but very tasty!

APRIL2011 014

Vanilla buns with buttercream (which is supposed to be lilac but looks a bit grey in the photos) and hundreds and thousands.

APRIL2011 017

And "Passion cake" buns which are banana, carrot, sultana and coconut, they're supposed to have nuts in but one of my colleagues is allergic so I left the nuts out.

APRIL2011 015

These buns are topped with cream cheese frosting...mmmmm

APRIL2011 018

Naughty but totally worth it! Also banana, carrot and sultanas...got to be one of your five a day right?!

APRIL2011 019

Worry bot though, I managed to fit in some knitting time and am making good progress on my new project, a lovely cotton and silk blend for spring/summer knitting.

APRIL2011 021

Summer is definitely on the way, I was awoken this morning by the sun blazing through our window, I panicked that the alarm hadn't gone off or I'd slept through it only to look and find it was actually 5am. I think we need darker curtains!


  1. That's a lot of baking! And I am jealous because your chocolate buns look soooo tasty ;)

  2. your buns look delicious!

    I've had too much good food this last 11 days though. in addition to the gloom of a return to the daily grind I'm also facing a cake-free month.

  3. Pile of cards? Is it your birthday? If so, Happy Birthday. Those buns look delicious, I wouldn't be able to choose just one, I'd have to have one of each.

  4. Wow, those all look so delicious!! Love the color of the yarn for your project!

  5. You have been having a baking frenzy! The passion cake ones sound really yummy!