Thursday, 7 April 2011

New Knitty

It’s not often that I look at an edition of Knitty and go “ooh I ilke that, and that, and that, and that, oh and that too” it’s even less often that I do that with any patterns which are supposedly spring/summer patterns. I’m not really great with spring/summer. I like heavy fabrics and snuggly clothes too much but well…I just looked at the Spring/Summer 2011 Knitty and got a little giddy. There was so much I liked about it, so many patterns that caught my eye. To be honest I don’t need any more patterns to catch my eye, I have quite enough in my queue but still I couldn’t resist the charms of these.

Rivercat socks it's not that often that something grey appeals to me but oh my I love these socks, the stitch pattern looks like so much fun, just enough to be interesting without me going cross-eyed staring at the socks.

Also on the sock front I like Zingiber they're mens socks (though obviously could be done smaller for me) and I'm sure they're a pattern Mr.NM would be willing to wear. I do love twisted stitches on a background of little purl stitches. I'm less keen on the idea of ptbl for the heel flap so perhaps would give that a miss, I can do it but I don't necessarily want to!

I was then drawn in by a lovely shawl and a shawlette Omelete and Forest Ridge I have become rather fond of lace knitting and have some lovely laceweight in my stash that could be turned into one of these. Sadly Omelete is really scratching my "must buy yarn" itch as the thought of yellow lace, lovely. I pretty much never wear yellow but there's something about yellow lace knitting that always draws me in.

I really love the lace at the shoulders and the hemline of Rondeur I'm not sure about knitted t-shirts/short sleeved sweaters so would be thinking about making it long sleeved instead but the pattern is just lovely and that curved hem, I'm liking that very, very much.

Also in the garments I really like Corinne the story about the desiging of it drew me in, I also got married on 21st March and nearly froze to death in a sleeveless gown without a shawl (though I had planned ahead and bought one, I just managed to forget it on the day!) It was the construction of this that got me. It's knit side to side in garter stitch with just a little seaming at the end, I do like seeing knit stitches turned sideways or going in less usual directions and for this I think it really works. I'm not sure I'd go for pale pink but I'm with it as a design, it looks like a very wearable, go with anything, sort of cardigan.

I do also like Amiga though I'd be looking to substitute for a different 4ply/fingering weight yarn as that used in the pattern doesn't appear to be available in the UK and I'm not entirely keen on knitting in 100% cotton yarn anyway. I do like the shape though and again a seamless construction though you do have to pick up stitches for the button band and collar, not a problem though.

So yes, I was quite overwhelmed by just how much of the new Knitty I liked as there hasn't been much that has appealed in the last few. Again doubly shocked that I'm liking spring/summer designs when I consider myself such an autumn/winter person with my fashion preferences. Perhaps I'm changing. Sorry for a pictureless post BUT I will have pictures soon as I finally have an FO to share, an FO of a socky nature (and a past Knitty design actually)


  1. Looking forward to seeing your FO. I really like the Corinne design, I don't think I would go for pink either. Leah x

  2. I love Corinne too! Not sure if there's anything in the stash tho' :-(

  3. I like all of those too, especially the shawls. I might have to give one of those a go.

  4. I hadn't spotted that the latest Knitty was up, so thanks for pointing it out. I shall have to go and take a look. I usually manage to find something that takes my fancy, even if I don't end up making it!