Monday, 11 April 2011

Monkey's monkeys - FO

Huzzah and joy and excitement abounds, I have a FO to show you. I get terribly excited when I can finally show something finished, particularly when I've had so many WIPs on the go of late.

It was a gloriously sunny weekend in my corner of West Yorkshire and I took my new socks out into the garden for a little photo shoot.

8th april 2011 004

Look at those yummy shades of minty green, blue and turquoise with hints of mossy green and parts that are almost black. I love this yarn. Mr.NM calls them my mint choc chip socks and the colour really is reminiscent of that rather delicious ice-cream flavour, it looks more blue in these pictures but in places it's more minty green.

8th april 2011 008

This was all the yarn I had left when I finished, just a little squishy ball. It made me quite glad I'd made a mistake on the cuff of the sock, I mistake I managed not to notice until I'd knit past the heel flap and started the decreases for the foot. I missed two rows of the chart but only on the leg. I then made the second sock with the same mistake so they do match in their wrongness. I'm fine with it, they're snuggly and squishy and I think had I not made that error I would have run out of yarn.

Anyway, the FO shot, here we go...

8th april 2011 007

I love them and I love the pattern. I'll be knitting more Monkeys, they're addictive, the pattern works up so fast and they look great.

I'm working away on my other WIPs now in the hope of having another FO to show you soon.


  1. I like your knitting so neat and tidy stitches.

  2. They look really lovely. You could try knitting the 'no purl' Monkeys for some variety! I've knitted 3 pairs so far, and I'm sure there'll be more. What a relief that you didn't run out of yarn!

  3. Gorgeous colour. I haven't knit any socks with patterns yet, I might give these a go.