Monday, 20 September 2010

Stash loving

Firstly thank you for all the lovely comments about my new socks, they were worn at the weekend and are very comfortable, warm and a lovely fit. On the subject of matching socks, it’s not really something I strive for anywhere. The way I see it is if I want a pair of identical, matching socks I can buy them. I am happy enough if I get a match but I don’t go through my yarn until I get them both to start at exactly the same point.

In green shawl-y news I am finally on the edging chart and have only 7 rows and the cast off to go, I’m going to do it and I am absolutely delighted with that fact. It means I’ll have another FO Friday this week and also means I’ll get to try out the new addition to my knitting toolbox, details to come in a future post.

As for the rest of my weekend, the bits when I wasn’t furiously knitting my shawl! I have been having a little love in with some of the yarn in my stash and thinking about the “perfect project” for these yarns, if such a thing can exist. Now I love all of my stashed yarn, I wouldn’t have it if I didn’t love it but there are some stash yarns that are just extra special, especially beautiful, absolutely wonderful and precious and I really want to do something fabulous with them.

The first is this one:

Fyberspates Scrumptious lace, 45% silk 55% merino in Volcanic Flames

knitting 167

Oh my it’s gorgeous. The colours are so rich, the yarn so soft with a wonderful sheen. Also the colours are just so ME. Green is of course my most favouritest colour in the WORLD however the colours that suit me the best are all shades of blues, greens and browns which this yarn has interspersed with sections of a deep, rich purple. It’s just stunning. The reason I am so enamoured with this yarn though is that I didn’t choose it for myself. For my birthday Mr NM bought me a subscription to The Knitter magazine and this little bundle of loveliness was the free gift. I have no idea what to do with it, not a clue. It is so perfect and I don’t want to ruin it with any project that isn’t just right. The only thing I am certain of is that before I do knit with it I’ll be getting some wood tips for my Knitpro interchangeables because my current lace has silk but that’s 30% and my oh my it’s slippy on my usually preferred metal needles.

The second group of loveliness is yarn from one of my favourite dyers Laughing Yaffle.

Laughing Yaffle sock in Stormy Weather, Spring Fling and Daffodil

knitting 173

As you can see more greens! I admit I did buy these for socks and had plans to knit some Spring Forward socks with the “Spring Fling” yarn but now I’m looking at these beautiful colours and thinking do I really want them hidden in my shoes? I imagine myself as far more chic and sophisticated than I really am and have visions of me dressed all in black with these scrumptious yarns knit up into little shawlettes worn casually around my neck to add a splash of colour. A good plan for them don’t you think?

The only problem with going through my stash like this is it makes me itch for stash expansion, more lovely yarn for me me me! I will be good though as my stash expansion is pre-planned to occur at the end of October, I think I can hold it together until then.

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