Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Pink it's my new obsession

OK so pink is NOT an "obsession" but if you looked at my WIPs right now you'd think it was! I have two pink things in progress and a pink thing just waiting for finishing (which I can't show as it's top-secret Pheonix Knitting Forums swap knitting) so it really does feel like there is a lot of pink in my life. I really need to break it up a bit!

This is a work in progress I've already blogged about previously but no progress has really been made, I am however now ready to take it on and progress, it will be joining me on my holidays next week and I expect to have a lot more scarf to show you on my return! It's a lace scarf for my MiL for Christmas, it's what she asked for though admitedly not the colour she asked for…I just hope she likes it! She wanted red and I thought this yarn was red when I looked on the website but when it arrived I really liked the shade of pink and I know my MiL wears pink and looks good in pink as well.

Peacock Tail and Leaf Scarf in YarnAddict Merino Plus in Pimms

knitting 184

knitting 183

Also in progress, as usual, socks! Less usually these are not socks for me (I'm rather selfish with my sock knitting!) they are for my friend at work's daughter (adult daughter so sadly not tiny, quick socks!). She asked me ages ago if I'd knit some socks for her and I foolishly said yes. She's not a knitter, she doesn't understand the time or work involved in sock knitting BUT I'm a soft touch. I said yes but I will not be saying yes to anyone else and this is the only pair she's getting. If she wants more I'll happily teach her how to knit them! I am rather loving the yarn, it's soft and lovely and I know the colours will be a big hit.

Plain old stockinette socks in Trekking XXL Pink Vanilla

knitting 182

knitting 180

Also whilst it's not pink it is still a work in progress though only just (to be honest I just wanted to do a "la la la look what I finished knitting") my green shawl, all knit and cast off and ready to be blocked when I get home from work tonight.

knitting 178

I am having something of a dilemma now. The dark nights are drawing in, the sun is taking longer to rise in the morning and my opportunities to take pictures in natural light are greatly reduced. I managed these pictures this morning before work but it was only just light enough and it was rather a dull, greyish light. I'm trying to think about what I'm going to do about this over the winter. I don't want to use a flash, the one on my camera is good but the pictures aren't as nice as those in natural light. I think the only real answer is taking all my pictures at the weekend and saving them for multiple blog posts during the week. I can do that I suppose, I just like more frequent progress pictures. Oh well…my other option would be taking projects to work and doing the pictures outside at lunchtime but I'm not so keen on that idea. I suppose weekend pictures it is.


  1. Those pink socks look yummy! I knit my sister a pair of pink ragg socks 8-9 years ago- she still wears them. Hm. Maybe it is time to knit her a new pair soon... :)

  2. The socks look nice. I've always wanted to try making them. I don't knit but I've seen some sock crochet patterns...maybe one day.

  3. Very pretty pinks! I'm personally always drawn to pink, yet I don't like to wear it. So I often end up gifting my pink knits. I really like those colors.

  4. I used to not like pink, but in the last year or so, it has become one of my favorite colors! I'm loving all of your pink projects.

    I'm just about to crochet my first pair of socks and am a little hesitant about it! Wish me luck!

    I do just noticed the light disappearing before our eyes. It's been cloudy in San Diego for the past week in the mornings and like you mentioned, the night is creeping closer. I can't wait for the time change to make it a little easier to wake up in the morning!

    Have a great time on vacation!

  5. I love the colors and stripes in the socks! I think I need to put a pair of socks in my queue :)

  6. I love how the pink scarf is coming along. It looks beautiful.
    About the photography in bad light I got some tips from these sites and
    to take good pictures in bad light. One of the suggestions is to use a reading light instead of the flash, it works great. I'm going to try the soft box suggestion as well.

  7. The scarf and socks are looking fab! The scarf yarn looks beautiful. Well done on finishing the green shawl. I'm looking forward to the finished photos. :)

  8. Have a great time on your vacation, what is the pattern of your green shawl? It looks lovely!

  9. I've always been partial to pink (I'm a Barbie Girl just popped into my head ... sorry, now it's in yours!!) and I really love that Trekking colour - is it new?

  10. can't go wrong with PINK...or chocolate!

  11. ooh the colours look so yummy. What is a phoenix club swap ? Is it a club on Ravelry ? I have just joined their Swap on a budget group..first time so will be having dilemmas about what to knit come Monday.!

  12. I like pink - and I love the Trekking yarn. Might just have to go investigate that particular colourway!