Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Someone else's crafting

There is nothing like the generosity of other knitters/crocheters/crafters. I recently signed up for two swaps on the Pheonix Knitting Forums and the first of these two arrived today (well technically it arrived on Friday but I was at work and only managed to get to the post office to collect it today!)

The theme of the swap was “seaside” and my swap partner did a great job of working with that theme.

This is the parcel all wrapped in pretty paper.


Inside was some rather tasty looking seashell chocolates, a little pot of foam shrimps (the little pot sadly broke in transit but I intend to get my glue gun out and attempt repair), a washcloth with a lighthouse on it, a crocheted bag and some beautiful handmade stitch markers with mermaids on.


The pretty crocheted bag, the yarn is a lovely shade of my favouritest colour AND it is a really close colour match for my lace shawl so I will be using this at the same time.


The incredibly clever lighthouse washcloth, again in my most favourite of favourite colours.


A closer look at the handmade stitch markers, the silver charms are so detailed. These are a very welcome addition to my notions case as I was running out of stitch markers whilst making my shawl and need one between each pattern repeat to prevent me from messing up (or at least to try to!)


Such lovely gifts, I am so pleased with them and so grateful for the generosity of the lovely lady who gave her time to make these, put together the parcel and send it out to me.

In other news the mini hat knitting is making great progress, the one on the bottom left is striped but it’s quite dark yarn and the difference in colours doesn’t show well in the picture. All but the top middle one (which is scraps of squeaking acrylic DK) are made from leftover sock yarn.


I must make sure that in between all this mini-hat knitting I do actually finish my shawl!


  1. What a great package! Also, the hats are looking good :)

  2. Awwww, these are so adorable! I am browsing through your blog and enjoying your knitting posts so very much! :)