Friday, 17 September 2010

Look at that, it's FO Friday!

A quick note before today’s post. My bafflement at the thought of Mr NM sewing for me was not because he’s a man (I know men can sew, my great-grandfather was a master tailor!), it was more because his hands shake so much his dad calls him “Steady Hand Eddie” and he can hardly butter a slice of bread because of his lack of dexterity! I do intend to borrow my mum’s sewing machine when we return from our holiday and set him to work.

On to my post…

The circle socks are finally finished! They were only taking so long because they were on the bus/shoved in my bag random, mindless knitting. The pattern is actually very easy to follow and quick to knit. The yarn is one of Kaffe Fassett’s Regia Design Line colourways called Exotic Zany. It’s a self striping but every few stripes there is a little wavy line, very funky. The only issue is where the waves of colour fell on the foot has they didn’t line up into the waves properly in places. I still like the way it looks though.

The cuff

knitting 162

An eye of partridge heel, very pretty and extra sturdy…I’ll be using this heel type next time I knit with a handpainted yarn as I think it would work very well.

knitting 160

The toes all grafted and ready to wear. I’ll admit I’m still not very good at kitchener stitch and it often looks a bit wobbly but as long as the toes stay closed up I’m not too bothered!

knitting 157

Finally a full on shot of the socks, they almost match but not quite, I’m not too fussy about perfectly matching socks anyway though these would probably be a closer match in plain stockinette, the nature of the circles pattern means that as I started about a metre earlier in the colour repeat on one than the other it really makes a difference to the leg, the feet are more matchy.

knitting 158


I wanted to wear them this morning but alas they had not quite dried properly so will have to get their wearing debut tomorrow instead.

I've already cast on my next pair of socks but sadly they are not for me...oh well, they're for someone with smaller feet than me so I shall try to whip through them as quickly as possible!


  1. LOVE those socks. Very pretty!

  2. You have sock blockers. I am jealous :(

    Loving the colours in the yarn.

  3. The sock blockers were part of my Christmas present last year :) I think there's are instructions for how to make your own on

  4. Love the colors of the socks! Nice job.

  5. Oh, they are so pretty! I'm totally with you on not needing it to match exactly. I think that's part of the fun of making it yourself, you know?

  6. I love the colors as well! Also, the circle pattern is awesome! Thanks for joining along in FO Friday.

  7. Lovely colors! I had to look real close to see why you think they weren't matching, it's not at all obvious. Looking forward to modeled pics.

  8. Your socks are beautiful! The pattern goes well with the colors!

  9. I love the colors. They look really close to matching. I thought they matched until you mentioned that they were a little off and looked closely.

  10. I LOVE the cuffs!!! so funky, colorful and different! Like my toddler would say - wowzy! Awesome job!