Monday, 13 September 2010

My husband claims he can sew

I am pretty desperate to cast on some new projects just so I can take more pictures with my new (to me) camera! I will not though. I only have maybe 30 or so more rounds to knit on my second circle sock and I'll be done and will have an FO to photograph.

A charming moment from my morning, you'll have to picture me holding up my rather smashing project bag purchased on Etsy.

Me: I wish I could sew and make myself some more pretty project bags like this
Mr. Northernmonkey: I can sew, I can sew like that
Me: You can sew? Really?
Mr. Northernmonkey: I used that stitch on my pencil case at school, I can use a sewing machine, you just choose the stitch you want
Me: Yes but look, it's lined beautifully as well and it's such a lovely project bag
Mr. Northernmonkey: Yep, I can sew like that
Me: I'm going to borrow my mum's sewing machine, you can make me some project bags
Mr. Northernmonkey: Erm…

I do believe he had sewing lessons in school and made a pencil case (he went to a better school than me, we had to hand-sew a carrier bag holder and even then the teachers were clearly nervous about giving us pointy needles!) but I don't know whether he could sew me a project bag like the one I was admiring this morning. Perhaps he can though and I shouldn't underestimate him, maybe I will borrow my mum's sewing machine and see what he can do with it!


  1. LOL!!! That made me chuckle! I dare you to borrow the sewing machine!

    Now somebody else has to double-dare, then Mr NM will have to do it! And we want photographic evidence...

  2. Photographic evidence while the bag is in process!

  3. LOL ! My DH does all the fixing sewing in our house: buttons, patches, hems ....he's so much better at it than me :-D

  4. My younger son (19) can use a sewing machine. He has hemmed jeans and done functional stuff like that. He was rather interested in how it all works.
    It was a 1963 Singer Featherweight, so there was a bit of cute factor too!

  5. How funny! I hope he can, and you can have all the lovely project bags you need.