Thursday, 13 October 2011

At attempt to look sophisticated

Apologies again for infrequent updates. My knitting progress is slow so I don't have much to share on that front and the dismal grey weather is rather hampering any attempts at photography.

I thought I'd share a recent non-knitting purchase.

I must confess I am not the most well presented person. It's not intentional, I have great ideas on how to dress and how I want to look but I'm a dishevelled mess half the time no matter how hard I try to look smart. I am also rather indecisive on clothes, I buy things on a whim and don't wear them and then will wear the same old things over and over again. My major issue in recent years has been my winter coat.

I bought my old winter coat in 2003 when I was in my second year of university. It's a navy duffle coat from Topshop and has been worn every winter since. I adore it but it has started to look worse for wear in more recent years, 7 winters of wear will do that to a coat. It has a large hole in the lining, it's wearing thin at the cuffs and there is a small hole in the sleeve where some charmer walked into me with a cigarette. It really needed replacing.

I've been attempting to find a suitable replacement for about 3 years but repeatedly failing, nothing ticked all my boxes. I wanted a good percentage of wool in the blend, a natural fabric as a lining so it was breathable and then other important things like a nice colour (not black, it doesn't suit me) and a nice shape. It also had to be within my budget which was where the issues arose.

Last week in that brief snapshot of beautiful, sunny weather, I found the perfect coat. I snapped it up and am very much charmed by it. It's PURPLE, a purple coat, how lovely is that? I will finally part with the "Paddington Bear coat" as the old, navy duffle came to be known.


The only problem (it's not really a problem) this coat is REALLY smart. Far more grown up and sophisticated than my old coat. It's a lovely cut and looks very sophisticated, this means me attempting to look sophisticated in it. I think I'd better get a move on with that lovely grey laceweight scarf which will look just perfect against the purple. Perhaps I'll have to actually move towards co-ordinating knitwear, the horror!

I'm hoping (if my photography is up to it) to be able to share some knitterly progress soon, remember that purple jumper? Well the body is finished...hurrah!


  1. Oooh, liking it, very cute. Hmmm, I don't have a purple coat (I have 6 winter coats... I have a bit of a weakness for coats/jackets!)

    One of the good things about a good sized winter coat is that it covers so much of your outfit that it doesn't matter a huge amount if you coordinate or not ;)

  2. Love the coat! Really really nice!

  3. I too have a weakness for winter coats, plus they come in handy in a Northern Ireland winter!! Off the top of my head I have a green one, a purple one, a black one, a black red and grey one, and this year I treated myself to a lovely grey one. I have scarves and hats to co-ordinate with all of them.

    Yours is lovely, the high neck will keep the drafts out, and the lining is very pretty. Happy wearing!

  4. I have a purple jacket but not a purple winter coat. I think I might need to look for one! And now you hve the perfect excuse for knitting lots of co-ordinated knitwear!

  5. Nothing wrong with a smart coat, is there? You don't HAVE to look smart when you wear it. It's all up to you!

    - So spoken by someone who has no less than 5 winter coats, all of different colours and cuts, all for different occasions, because she is an incurable coat-hoarder.