Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Estonian lace is not TV knitting

I do quite a bit of knitting in front of the TV. My lovely lacy scarf is NOT TV knitting which left a little hole (well it didn't, I have other TV friendly WIPs I just didn't want to knit on them) so I had to cast on something simple.

I went with my go-to project when I want something simple and mindless, stockinette socks. For once though these are not for me, hurrah! A moment of not-selfish-knitting. Quite unlike me really as I'm a terribly selfish knitter generally. These are for the lovely Mr.NM (that man with the size 11 feet, that's A LOT of mindless sock knitting!) in yarn that has been in the stash for ages which he chose.

The yarn is Four Seasons Gr√ľndl Marathon Pompeji, a pretty standard German sock yarn which I'm sure will wash really well and be hard wearing which is necessary in his socks as he wears through standard, shop bought socks at an alarming rate. The pattern is nothing exciting but fits well and there are more details on my ravelry project page.

BLOG 139

I'm using magic loop which has become my standard for stockinette socks, I'm terrible for getting ladders using DPNs but don't with magic loop...plus it doesn't fall off the needles so yay.

I have also returned to my purple jumper with the cable down the front in a determination to finish it so it's ready for a real turn in the weather. I think I have one or possible two more repeats of the cable to do for the body then I can knit the sleeves which should be quick and simple. We'll see.

I need to do more interesting things with my time or at least knit a lot more so I can get back to frequent blogging!

Hope everyone is well and has a lovely week.


  1. Nearly all TV in Estonia is subtitled into Estonian so I imagine TV knitting isn't widely known there :)

    Having knit through all of The Killing I vouch for the fact that subtitled TV only goes with very simple stockinette. Lace and colourwork are out!

  2. I tried magic loop for socks and I never went back! I converted a coworker too, LOL!

  3. I really like that yarn :) Simple stokinette socks always strike me as perfect TV knitting.

  4. Lovely colours in that yarn.
    I don't get magic loop, just good old dpns for me!

  5. I'm addicted to TV knitting...it's hard to do a project that can't be done while multitasking!