Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Morven - WIP

This morning it wasn't raining, hurrah! It wasn't grey or overcast either, double hurrah! I stepped out of the front door and took a deep breath of cold, refreshing air and was reminded of my love of autumn (which is lacking when it's raining all the time!). This is probably my favourite sort of weather. Cold but clear and bright. It's just fantastic. I can wrap up in woolies but I wont get soaked to the skin.

My camera charger is still MIA so I put the camera on my mobile phone into use, it's not a bad picture for a mobile phone and the bright morning really helped.

My morven is getting so much closer to done. I'm just working on the sleeves, I'd rather hoped to have it finished for this weekend (we're visiting family) but as I'm at choir tonight and have stuff to do tomorrow after work then we're travelling on Friday evening it's not going to happen. Still I'm over half way through the first sleeve and it does fly once I get going, stockinette in the round knit in chunky, can't complain!


A closer look at the cable, this was fun to knit but I'll confess I got a bit bored of it closer to the end of the body.


I'm a bit bored of the knit full stop really. I've enjoyed it and I know it's going to be a great, warm jumper and it fits (I tried it on quickly before starting the sleeves to check the body length) but finishing the sleeves is always a bit boring. At least I don't have to sew it up afterwards though!

I'm planning my next project for after this. I'm still working (slowly) on my lace scarf and have plain stockinette socks but I want something inbetween that in difficulty/attention needed. I shall have to nosey through my queue and see. The cold weather is making me want gloves but I hate knitting the fingers so that's a no! I'm almost tempted to buy some gloves for this winter, dreadful I know but those fiddly fingers…I just don't enjoy it.

That reminds me actually…I need to finish knitting the gloves I started for my mum ages ago…ho hum.


  1. Beautiful sweater, that yarn looks lovely too!

  2. I love the cable work - it is going to be a lovely winter woolly!

  3. Those cables are gorgeous. Good luck with the rest of it!

  4. The progression of colour and the cables work really, really well together. It'll be great when it's done (not long now! Come on, you can do it!)