Friday, 28 October 2011

A public service announcement

This is a public service announcement.

I will not, I repeat WILL NOT be producing any knitted Christmas gifts this year.

I look forward to watching other people completing their Christmas knitting and other Christmas crafting whilst I knit away on enjoyable things for me (and my mum's gloves). I may finish the socks I'm knitting for Mr.NM in time for Christmas, if that's the case I'll wrap them up but they are not specifically Christmas knitting.

Did you know you only have 8 weeks left?  Don't hurt me for reminding you...


  1. I managed to reduce my gift giving this year by 9! I was very proud of myself. I am planning on avoiding my normal annual breakdown through this reduction! Plus if I don't finish a project before 15th December, one is getting bought instead. I will NOT kill myself this year!

  2. Hurray!! Neither am I. It's much more productive to spend our knitting time on ourselves. :)

  3. You omitted the Mwahahahahah and the twirling of your moustache! Grin. You're right...we have only ourselves to blame when we make gifts right up until the last moment...but oh, the thrill of it all! :)

  4. The only person I'll be Christmas knitting for is me!!! OK, and maybe Mr JK too, but if it's not ready by the big day, I'll tell myself there are 12 days of Christmas, so it's ok!!