Saturday, 2 July 2011

I can resist everything, except temptation

There may have been a little slip up in the yarn diet recently, just a little one though. I couldn't help myself.
25thJune2011 200

I mean look at it...soooo beautiful. It's OK though...we have big plans, the red laceweight and I, big plans. To everyone knitting lace projects at the moment, I'm blaming you!

Speaking of little red things...this came through the door yesterday.

25thJune2011 201

It's fabulous, so well written and I want to knit pretty much every pattern in it. I must, must, must finish some WIPs first though!

I was absolutely delighted to get a comment from this lovely blogger who has nominated me for a Kreativ Blog award. I was rather charmed that she described me as an "expert knitter" as that's certainly not how I see myself but it's lovely to get such compliments.


Now as part of getting this award I have to post 10 things about me...always tricky! I tried to think of things that have nothing to do with knitting so that I probably haven't mentioned in the blog before.

  1. I drink A LOT of tea. My last blog post with my mug suggesting tea be at the top of all to do lists is very accurate. I go through at least 8 mugs of tea a day, sometimes more.
  2. I sing in a choir and apart from a short break when at university have been singing with the same choir (though there have been slight changes to it's name and membership rules) since I was 8, the ladies at choir are like my second family.
  3. I think the combination of chocolate and orange is the devil's worth, the thought of eating a Terry's chocolate orange (other orange flavoured chocolate is available, unfortunately) makes me feel physically ill.
  4. As a child I fractured my skull, we only know because I had an x-ray for something unrelated and no one can work out how I did it.
  5. I own about 40 pairs of shoes, this is a massive decrease from how many pairs I used to own.
  6. I prefer savoury snacks to sweet ones.
  7. I'd rather watch action films than romantic comedies or chick flicks.
  8. I have possibly the worst co-ordination ever, I can't hit, catch or throw a ball and was always picked last for sports at school.
  9. I don't understand the rules of tennis no matter how many times people explain them to me.
  10. Strangely though I do understand the offside rule in football, my husband claims this makes absolutely no sense when I can't follow a game of tennis.
As you can see...I'm not the most interesting person, I need more guidance on what to write than just 10 things about me! Still I hope it was enlightening to some people anyway.

I'd like now to pass the award on to Rachel at Rewarding Memories who does lovely creative crafts as well as posting interesting things about non-crafty things in her life.

I'll be back soon with how I'm progressing knit-wise...I think slowly probably sums it up pretty well!


  1. The red yarn is gorgeous! You've been good for so long, you deserve a treat. ;) I'm in lace-weight mode too, well; that was until Little Red arrived yesterday. Isn't it fab!

  2. That looks a beautiful colour yarn. Thanks for sharing ten things about you - I will check out the blog you passed the award on to.

    Leah x

  3. No wonder the yarn is calles scrumptious, it certainly looks scrumptious, gorgeous colour. Congratulations on the award, I enjoyed reading your ten random facts.

  4. That yarn is so gorgeous- I love the color! I can't wait to see what you make out of it. I don't think anyone can fault you for buying it!

  5. Gorgeous yarn, and congrats on the award! I'm looking forward to getting my copy of Little Red in the post soon... :)

  6. Congrats on your award. I always enjoy reading your blog. The scrumptious yarn looks just - well, scrumptious. Look forward to seeing what you knit with it!

  7. That yarn is unbelievable! I am not a red person and I'm drooling over it! Congrats on the award ... I'm with you in your choice of movies!!

  8. Yarn diets, such a silly thing. You only live once!