Thursday, 23 June 2011

Remembering the important things

When things are getting on top of me I write a to-do list.

knitting 209

I try to remember the most important things:

knitting 210

Sadly I do not have a mug reminding me to take and then upload knitting progress pictures.



  1. I obsessively keep lists, of everything. Number one on the list is always make a cup of tea (even on long term to do lists, that way I have more ticks on the list, it looks like I've done more).

  2. I'm not much of a list person but I do love yours! :)

  3. I love that mug, and all of that range of stationery/homewares etc,(the new baby notification card that says "hey, we made a little us" always makes me laugh)

  4. Oh that mug makes so much sense! I'm a list person too.

  5. I love that mug! I need that mug! Mr JK says that I make lists of my lists!! LOL

  6. Awesome mug ... what a wonderful way to start the day, LOL!!

  7. Love the cup - never a truer word said.

    I have nominted you an award -the Kreativ Blog award - check my blog out if you can to see what it's about if you don't already know.

    Have a lovely sunny week.

    Leah x :)