Thursday, 14 July 2011

FO Friday - Cadence socks

Such a busy week, I'm incredibly glad that Friday is finally here! We're visiting our in-laws so it's not exactly a quiet and relaxing weekend ahead but it's better than being at work I suppose.

It's FO Friday and I actually have a finished object to share! It's not Maggie (the lilac cardigan) which is still button-less (but visiting the in-laws will include visiting John Lewis where buttons can be procured) but a pair of lovely socks.

I started these back in March when they were the mystery sock pattern for the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry and in spite of thoroughly enjoying them and actually keeping up with the first two clues as they were released they were then cast aside in favour of something else...I'm not even sure what now.

Such a pity for such beautiful socks. Recently I picked them back up again, apologised for my bad behaviour and knit the feet which was all that remained unknit. Now they are done and I am thoroughly pleased with them.

This is actually shown in reverse order as I put them on the sockblockers for photos (as honestly it has been very warm for modeling woolly socks! Plus I'm rubbish at photographing myself) then I washed them in soak and put them back on the blockers to even out the stitches. Still I'm sure you don't mind me shifting the timeline around in the photos!

BLOG 039

They look like they are cabled but it's lace, a combination of yarnovers and decreases giving that illusion. I love this pattern.

BLOG 037

I'm also very fond of the colour combination, I love green and purple together. I couldn't quite capture the colour accurately but it's closer to the colours in the shots of the full socks than in the close-up of the pattern. The yarn is Laughing Yaffle sock in "Spring Fling" and as with all Laughing Yaffle yarn it's just gorgeous with fabulous colours.

BLOG 031

I think the combination of colours is just enough, a bit more interesting than solid or semi-solid yarn but not so varied as to obscure the charming pattern as you can see below. As I said these pictures were taken before the socks had a bath and I evened out my knitting whilst it was wet...the stitches look a little sloppy here.

BLOG 033

All in all I'm absolutely delighted with these socks and so pleased I got them finished.

For more details on yarn, needle size, just how long they took me (oh the shame) my Ravelry project page is here

I hope everyone who is going to Knit Nation this weekend has a wonderful time, I'm not jealous, not at all, not me.


  1. Your socks are beautiful! I love the pattern and the colours, I'm a big fan of purple and green too. I agree that the colours don't mask the pattern.

    I too am not going to Knit Nation, and I too am not a bit jealous... Enjoy John Lewis!

  2. I love the colours, they really work well together. The pattern is really cool - I love how it looks cabled.

    I shall not be smug about going to knit nation tomorrow... I'll try and take lots of photos!

  3. They're wonderful, and I love the colour. They do look cabled, very clever. I've recently bought some Laughing Yaffle yarn and agree it's gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Love the name of the yarn! The pattern is stunning. You have done them both proud.

  5. WOW, WOW, they are fabulous, looks like they're enjoying their bubble bath, lol

  6. I like the green and purple as well, and the stitch pattern too!

  7. Oh, those cables and colours! I have little hearts in my eyes, what a gorgeous pair of socks. I'm glad you finished them, too. :)

  8. Very nice the way the pattern mixes up the purple and green! It's not often you see such a strongly contrasting variegation shine! Gorgeous.

  9. The socks look wonderful. I do love the way the colors work together.

  10. Beautiful socks, that is a great color!

  11. That is a lovely pattern - and it definitely does look cabled!! I'm another fan of LY yarn colours, although my feet have felted a couple of pairs, so I'm saving it for things other than socks now!