Thursday, 21 July 2011

Fluffy orange fuzz

I am being incredibly well behaved and am currently working on finishing an older WIP. I felt motivated by finishing the socks that had languished in the WIP pile for some time and picked up my Citron again. This was started back in March when I went to Edinburgh with Mr.NM to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I whizzed through the first three sections whilst on the train there and back then put it aside when I got home. I've no idea why, something else will have distracted me with prettiness (it would seem I was very distracted in March, that's when the mystery socks were set aside as well!) and I didn't pick it up again.

Last week I did pick it up and I carried on. I'm glad I did. I'm now on the fifth section and in spite of the pretty massive stitch count I really feel I'm getting there.

BLOG 054

BLOG 051

I'm not a big wearer of orange but after seeing a few on Ravelry I knew I wanted my Citron in Kidsilk Haze and couldn't resist this bright and cheery colourway appropriately named "marmalade". I'm not sure whether I'll use KSH again...I love the colour and knit up it's fuzzy and soft and lovely but it's not much fun to knit with. It tickles my nose and sticks to me, itself, anything else lying around...not fun at all...even worse if I make a mistake and have to attempt to tink...and I make A LOT of mistakes. Pretty though, so very pretty.

I'm hoping it will be finished soon.

I'm also hoping to manage to take some good photos of my finished cardigan soon, I bought and sewed on buttons but no good pictures yet. Ho hum.


  1. Beautiful! It's such a lovely colour. Good luck with the rest of it. :)

  2. It is gorgeous! It looks really big, too.

  3. I do like the Citron pattern - but have been put off by people's comments about how long it takes to knit!!! I'll be interested to hear what you say once it's finished!!

  4. Lovely. I knit Citron in KSH too and it was lovely.

    My tip would be, don't accidentally felt it in the washing machine.

  5. Fabulous colour, I love it! I know what you mean about KSH, gorgeous when finished but not fun to knit. Apparently, frogging is easier if you chuck it in the freezer (in a bag) for a little while first... Not tried it myself, but that's what I heard!

  6. What a gorgeous colour. I love kidsilk haze, it's so soft. It will be wonderful to wear once it's finished.

  7. It's beautiful ! I have a few skeins of Kidsilk but they are in a plum, not nearly as cheery as your orange.

    Carolyn /