Friday, 3 December 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

I don’t have anything finished to show you today, this week has been a difficult one for reasons that I really don’t wish to share on my blog and not a lot of knitting has taken place. I am still determined to finish my Christmas gifts, I am 16 rows from the end of my secret santa project which I will work through tonight then I’ll be soldiering on with my MiL’s scarf and my mum’s Ishbel. It will be done.

This week I have been immensely thankful for hand knits though I have a confession to make, a terrible confession. I am a bad knitter. Yesterday after assessing the holes in my poor old gloves (not hand knit but a nice Christmas gift from my pre-knitting days and a lovely blend of wool and angora so suitably warm) I did something unthinkable. I marched to the shop and purchased these.


I’m sorry. My other gloves had HOLES in them, unfixable holes and I simply don’t have time to knit myself a new pair of gloves at the moment. The only hand knit gloves I have are fingerless and really they just aren’t good enough.

The reason fingerless gloves aren’t good enough right now? Please see these photos taken on Wednesday when Mr NM and I had to walk home from work as the buses had stopped running, no mean feat as we live nearly 6 miles from the city centre where we work and it’s mostly uphill. I realise some people have had a lot more than this but I think the issue was that the snow was coming down so quickly that it was piling up in the roads before gritters and snow ploughs could even get to it.






This morning it was -11c. Whilst I have knitter guilt I will stand by my decision to purchase those massive ski gloves even if they do mean I’m completely incapable of using my hands for anything as they’re so thick I can’t move my fingers.

After Christmas I’ll knit myself some mittens, I promise.


  1. Stay nice and warm and knit, that's my advice! I don't know about you, but I'll be glad when all this snow goes!

  2. No one is judging you for buying those gloves. They look like super-awesome snowboarding gloves! I have a pair and they are so valuable in this weather. Stay warm!