Friday, 10 December 2010

Goodbye snow, hello FOs

Yesterday morning this was hanging from our utility area window and had been for some days, yesterday afternoon when I returned from work it was gone. This morning the temperature was 6ÂșC and the snow and ice was finally melting away. I still skated down our garden path but I could finally see my car again and see an end to the snow.

knitting 130

In between knitting my Christmas gifts I have been involved in some swaps on the Pheonix Knitting Forums. I know that my swapee has received this little stocking, these only take a couple of hours to knit and make up (I’m rubbish at colourwork, you may be faster!) and are so lovely. I may or may not have misplaced the one I knit for myself but I’m sure I’ll be able to whip up another for my own tree.


The other swap was a bigger Secret Santa swap, I know my swapee has received it so I'm OK to post about the FO here.

198 yards of heaven in King Cole Merino Blend Aran I used two full balls and had to break into a third on the second to last row. It was a quick knit and not too tricky so good for gifts. I have used this yarn before and will buy it again, the yardage isn’t great but it’s soft and knits up nicely, it washes well and it’s not too expensive as well as coming in a good range of solid colours. The top picture is most accurate for the colour which I believe is called Kingfisher from looking at the colourways on Modern Knitting but I think the ball band just had a number not a name.

knitting 131

knitting 136

knitting 135

knitting 134

knitting 133

I’m definitely getting into the festive spirit and am starting to feel excited about Christmas.


  1. That little stocking is adorable!

    I love the color of the shawl. I bet your swappee LOVES it! I know I would if receiving it.

  2. That shawl is absolutely gorgeous

  3. Your shawl is beautiful. I like your little stocking.

  4. the little stocking is so cute, I have made a couple but not tried a colourwork one yet. The scraf is absolutely gorgeous

  5. I love the little stocking, and that shawl really does look like 198 yards of heaven---great colour and gorgeous pattern!

  6. Your picture of the icicle makes me glad I live in California. I'm wearing my down jacket and my handknits when it's just in the forties temperature-wise. Your shawl is absolutely beautiful!