Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The most wonderful time of the year.

As much as I enjoy visiting our in-laws and had a wonderful Christmas I am incredibly happy to be back in my own home.

I showed a picture of my in-laws' Christmas tree in my last post, well whilst it was clearly large I'm not sure you can quite work out just how big it is in that photo. I got a picture of Mr NM standing next to it for scale, for reference he's 6'3" so not particularly short!

Christmas2010 003

I was rather spoilt at Christmas but am just going to share a few knitterly things I received.

Mr NM did go on my Amazon Wishlist and picked out this book:

Christmas2010 046

Whilst I don't see myself knitting the socks on the cover (oh how I wish I had such pretty toes, mine are best kept under wraps!) I am rather taken with the lovely thick Konnichiwa socks knit on 4mm dpns and they may be my first project from this book.

Christmas2010 047

My Uncle and his wife very generously bought me some Amazon vouchers which led to the purchase of two books from my wishlist which I'd been lusting after since first seeing them.

The first page of Sock Yarn one-skein wonders spoke to me!

Christmas2010 051

Christmas2010 048

I also picked up Luxury Yarn one-skein wonders.

Christmas2010 049

These books fit perfectly with my sock yarn habit and my additional habit of buying the odd skein of beautiful yarn and not having a clue what to make with it! I also see some perfect gift ideas in both of these books.

I did get some new DPNs and a 40cm 4.5mm circular needle but I don't have pictures, I'm sure you can fill in the blanks for what they look like!

The EZ mittens were finished:

Christmas2010 025

My mother in law got herself onto the "naughty list" not to be confused with Father Christmas's list my personal "naughty list" could also be described as the not knitworthy list. Whilst she said it was pretty and that it must have taken a while it was then tossed aside and when we went out shopping she wore a shop bought scarf instead. I'm not knitting for her again!

I am hoping that things are better with my mum. I know they will be, my mum is a knitter, she gets it. She also specifically requested an Ishbel so knows exactly what she's getting. Yes, getting, I finished it!

On Monday afternoon this was my mum's Ishbel:

Christmas2010 024

Yesterday afternoon it looked like this:

Christmas2010 039

Christmas2010 040

This morning it was dry and ready to be wrapped up, we're having a second Christmas dinner with my mum tonight and she'll get her gift then. I'll also get my knitted gift which I'm terribly excited about, I don't know what I will get as I didn't request anything specific but I know she has knit something. I'll let you know.

Christmas2010 041

Christmas2010 042

Christmas2010 044

Christmas2010 045

A little blogging thought...if I will take photos on my spare bed I really should iron the sheets.

Also I may have got money and I might have been to the John Lewis Sale...possibly

Christmas2010 022


  1. Blimey that tree really is a whopper! .... and so is Mr NM.
    Nice little yarn collection there.

  2. Lovely yarn you have used for the Ishbel, it's really delicate.

    I'm trying to stay away from John Lewis until all the good stuff is gone, it will work out cheaper that way!

  3. Wow!! That definately is SOME christmas tree! If it's any consolation, I'm now feeling a bit hacked off for you re the pink scarf. Definately on the unknitworthy list. Do you think you could get it back for yourself?

    On the other hand, the Ishbel is beautiful, and I'm sure your Mum will love it!

    That's a great stash of knitty pressies, and let's just say it's a well there isn't a John Lewis in Northern Ireland!

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry that your MIL didn't appear to appreciate that beautiful scarf. Don't knit for her again!!!
    You got some lovely books - I've just put the sock yarn one skein wonders in my basket on Amazon as a 'must-have-it-now!!' I certainly have enough skeins of sock yarn to justify buying it!
    Your Mum's Ishbel is beautiful. I love the yarn - it looks like Natural Dye Studio colours to me!
    Am well impressed with your haul from John Lewis. I went yesterday, but didn't buy anything - but then I'd just spent over £100 in Loop!!! Oops! Happy New Year to you!

  5. Hi there, I found your blog the other day and love your posts (I'm originally from SUnderland UK but live in TX now!!) I loved the scarf you knit for your mil, can't believe she didn't even put it on that first day! Love the Ishbel you knit too, I've knit two of them so far, one for me and one for my mil (come to think of it, I've never seen her wear it either!), and I got the sock yarn book for Christmas too - already have the luxury one skein book, I love them. Come say hi if you get a chance.

  6. Beautiful shawl!

    I have both those one-skein books, and I absolutely love them. I have made so many things from them!