Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The traveller returns

My holiday in Rhodes was just marvellous. I hadn't been to any part of Greece since my holiday to Corfu when I was 12 and it was just so fantastic, Mr NM has never been to Greece at all so it was very exciting for him. That week has us pretty set on more visits to other Greek islands and possibly the mainland as well as the people were wonderful, the food was fantastic and the weather was just gorgeous.

There was some of this

knitting 001

It was accompanied by quite a bit of this though

knitting 002

This meant I didn't quite get so much knitting done as I'd hoped. I finished the first of my pink vanilla socks and cast on a second but have only done a little of the ribbing. I rather overpacked on the knitting front (as usual!) and in my stupidity also left the pattern for my MiL's scarf at home so I couldn't knit it! Never mind though. My holiday was fabulous and now I'm home and really feeling the cold air and the urge to while away my hours over a pair of knitting needles.

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  1. Glad you had a good holiday. I love Greece, and try to go every year!