Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Progress progress progress

It’s that time of week again, it seems to come round so quickly. I do love Wednesdays, not just because it’s WIP day and I get to see lovely things other knitters are working on and post about what I’m working on. I’ve always loved Wednesdays (apart from the year I had double maths on Wednesday in High School, that was rubbish!) I love Wednesdays because Wednesday is choir rehearsal day. I’m not much of a singer and definitely better off in the chorus than as a soloist but I love going. Singing is so much fun and I’ve been a member of my choir for 18 years now (though it has changed from an 8 years and up girls and ladies joint choir to an adults only female choir in that time) and I’ve known those ladies all that time. Initially I went as an 8 year old but the ladies still in the choir are mostly the same ones who were there when I was a child. It’s just wonderful and I love it, it’s like a little second family!

Back to the knitting though…

My pink vanilla socks are progressing, not quickly but they’re progressing. I finished the first on holiday and am now getting on with the second. It’s not the most interesting knit, I’d always intended to knit them in tandem but when it came round to it I got so into knitting the first one I finished it in no time and hadn’t even started the second! The second is being done now, I’m sure it wont take long.

knitting 063

Due to my ongoing issues with startitis when I saw what people had knit from the first clue of this year’s Through The Loops mystery sock I just couldn’t help myself and found myself joining in, how could I resist this interesting and ever changing pattern? Well I couldn’t! The yarn was part of the Ripples Crafts sock club earlier this year, some time in spring. The colourway is "Spring Myrtle" but I think it's far more autumnal than spring-ish. It’s a more rusty red than the picture really slows and is just lovely to knit with. I’m enjoying this pattern a lot because it doesn’t get boring and same-y. It’s really good fun.

knitting 059

Some WIPs have not been so good. Remember the cardigan I’ve had on the needles for months on end? The one I was so determined to progress with? Well I quickly finished the back and was feeling very pleased with myself for this.

knitting 046

At the weekend I cast on the left front, I could really see the end of this cardigan drawing nearer and was thoroughly enjoying knitting it. I worked the left front right through the first set of decreases and was feeling very pleased with myself, very pleased indeed. I’d written down which rows all the decreases came on, followed them closely and was racing along through that left front, feeling good…and then…and then…

Then I saw this. Do you see it? You see there, I’ve finished the first lot of decreases but can you see it?

knitting 048

Look closer, see it now?

knitting 050

ARGHHHHHHHHHHH pride comes before a fall and I was feeling really proud of myself when I realised I was already about a quarter of the way up that left front. I just glanced, then had another look when something in my brain said “um that’s not right” nope. It wasn’t right. It was WRONG. It was a miss crossed cable a few rows down. A miss crossed cable a few rows down in possibly one of the most annoying and un-froggable yarns ever. This stuff is like Velcro, it sticks to itself so much. It’s so difficult to even tink a few stitches never mind the rows I’ll have to go back to fix this. I did not fix it at the weekend, oh no. This left front was banished to the naughty corner to think about what it had done, how it had disappointed me, how me and the cardigan just were not friends at the moment.

I wonder if it’s punishment from the knitting gods for not working on my mother in law’s Christmas scarf. I promptly picked that up and almost immediately made a mistake in that too. Clearly my brain had turned to cotton wool.

Not happy.

I will fix that cable at some point but right now the pain is just too raw.


  1. As my Grandmother would say, 'you can't see it on a running horse'... the knitting is beautiful, and the mistake isn't that noticeable. I'd keep going :)

  2. You'll get it done. That's whats important! (but maybe you should get that scarf done, before the Knitting gods punish you more!) Great socks by the way! Love both the colors, especially the pink! I'm definitely a pink girl!

  3. Pink socks! Stripey pink socks are especially nice, I think. Sorry about your errant cable. I just frogged a similar amount of work last night and it's no fun at all. Worth it to fix it, though!

  4. OO, I love the pink socks and the new red ones! I can't decided if I want my next socks I made to be pink or red! Funny you're making both!

    Sorry about having to frog part of the sweater. I hate doing that in crochet, and it sounds like a bigger bitch in knitting. :(

  5. Ooooooooooh no! I'm like you - I'd have to fix it, when the moment is right! I once frogged a whole Noro cardigan, and I put it in the fridge first because I read somewhere that it helped stop the fibres from sticking so much. Might be worth a try! Love both your socks!

  6. Love the socks! I especially love pink, brown, white variegated yarn, and the Mystery Socks are looking good too. I was tempted to join in on the Through the Loops KAL, but I already had my sock needles in use. Maybe next year.
    Don't worry too much about the cable, it happens to the best of us!

  7. I love both the socks. I agree the second looks way more fall. I love the pattern.

    Sorry about the cable. One good thing, if you drop a stitch it won't go for gold in running.

  8. I love your pink vanilla socks! Hopefully you will be patient enough to finish your cardigan and the shawl for your mil.
    Yours, Julia