Friday, 22 October 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year (or will be soon enough!)

This is both an FO post and a gentle reminder though I doubt knitters will really need reminding.

Christmas is coming and I don't know about the goose but my WIP bag is getting fat and doing so at a much faster rate than my FO pile. I really need to focus, I'm not going overboard on knitted gifts so actually progressing with the ones I'm making would be a good plan!

A speedly little project knit on Saturday morning in no time at all using Regia's Christmas sock yarn, I have red, cream and green but only used the red and cream here which have little flecks of gold thread running through them for that extra festive feel. The pattern is from Little Cotton Rabbits and is my favourite sort of pattern, a free one! It's knit flat then seamed and had clear pictures with the instructions. This is my first bit of colourwork knitting (not counting stripes and a little bit in a smoothie hat which wasn't really a pattern) and it wasn't too tricky. I am quite slow as my brain refuses to figure out holding yarn in left and right hands meaning I threw both colours with my right hand. I intend to practice though until I can carry a colour in each hand as this monkey wants some colourwork mittens!

knitting 055

knitting 054

knitting 052

I intend to knit a couple more of these little stockings, they're so easy and look so effective. Nothing better than an easy and well written free pattern, especially one that will bring some Christmas cheer!


  1. Such cozy and beautiful colors! I want to reach out for my hot coco and sit around the X-mas tree! :) Nicely done (may I say as always!), great kick off to a winter season.

  2. Oohh!! That's gorgeous! It would make a great Christmas Tree decoration.

  3. I love those socks!!! What a great pattern. Fall and the beginning of winter is my favorite time of year. Funny commercials, cold weather, candles, hot chocolate (or buttered rum LOL) doesn't get any better.

    This is my first year making gifts for people, and I think I'm going overboard. I have so much to do that I'm afraid to start. Does that make sense?

  4. These little stockings are lovely. I made a load last Christmas, and they look fab on the tree. I also made a few as presents and put some sweets inside.

  5. Very cute little sock. I'm sitting here think about making a bunch out of my scraps. Then putting them on the cats feet. Yes, I'm strange.

  6. Hard to believe that is your first colourwork, as it is so nice and even!
    Looks great!