Wednesday, 6 October 2010

It's just another WIP Wednesday

Wednesday rather took me by surprise this week. I didn't go to work on Monday and that always throws me and leaves me not being sure what day it is! Fortunately I did have time on Monday to take photos of a work in progress and uploaded them so I have a post for you.

This is one of those WIPs that feels never ending. Recently I put it into hibernation on my Ravelry page as I felt it was tormenting me in my WIPs, never getting any further, just sitting there asking why I abandoned it. Just before I went away I picked it up again.

About this time last year I got a copy of Simply Knitting and fell in love with the cardigan on the front cover. The pattern is called "Gentle Rose" and has 3/4 length sleeves which are gathered at the bottom, the cuffs and bottom of the cardigan is a band of moss stitch then the body/sleeves are stockinette which then changes to 1x1 ribbing, on the sleeves this is a slow transition leaving a pointed section where extra stitches are added to the rib pattern every row. The final charm is a cable in place of a button band going right up the front and round the back of the neck leaving the front open to be fastened with a pretty pin or just worn open. It's knit using Patons Pompero yarn and whilst the sample in the magazine was pink I rather fell for a greyish brown (the colourway is called "Taupe") shade of the yarn.

I priced up the cardigan but decided against purchasing the yarn as I had many other things to knit then to my absolute joy Pompero was on offer at Kemps for a very good price indeed. I snapped it up and immediately cast on the sleeves, both at the same time on a circular needle so I could make them identical and get them out of the way. This may have been where my plan failed. I knit on those sleeves for what felt like forever, the yarn annoyed me, the pattern annoyed me and then other, more exciting, prettier, QUICKER projects came into my life. The unfinished sleeves were shoved in a bag and forgotten.

Just before my holiday the sleeves were pulled out of my knitting basket again, I observed I really didn't have much to do to get them finished and decided to just get on with it. I now have a pair of sleeves and have cast on and knit the moss stitch section of the back.

knitting 010

knitting 011

knitting 013

knitting 014

Here's to me actually FINISHING this flipping cardigan! It shouldn't be difficult, it's knit on 5.5mm/6mm needles so should fly compared to my usual sock knitting and recent lace experiments. The only bother is the yarn isn't great to knit with, it looks lovely and feels soft when it's knit up but the actual knitting process can be frustrating, it's very fluffy and sticks together so even a tiny mistake is an absolute 'mare to undo…still I shall persevere and get my first, proper, ADULT garment finished (ignoring the fact there are far more stitches in pairs of socks and my lace shawl) so I can actually wear it with pride this winter.


  1. It's the right time of year to crack on with cardigans. You know that need to get it finished to get a season's wear out of it. It looks like its going to be really pretty. Keep going, you've done the hard bit now.

  2. Good luck to getting it finished. I sure know how it feels!

  3. Ooo, good luck finishing! I know the feeling of never finishing. I have that feeling with my blankets right now. The yarn looks nice, I've never used Patons, but see it everywhere.

  4. Good luck with the rest of it, it looks lovely so far. :)

  5. Good luck! Plough on with it, and you'll be finished before you know it!