Tuesday, 13 August 2013

She sews too...

So I am generally the world's worst blogger and have been for two years now as this Friday marks two years since I found out I was pregnant and my brain instantly turned to mush! I read a lot of parenting blogs or blogs by parents of babies and toddlers, plenty of them younger than mine, some with multiple babies and toddlers and I can't help wondering how they do it and where they find the time. It's possible (likely) they got the type of child who sleeps though meaning they may be able to grab moments to knit/sew/blog. I got the type of child who still strongly believes that sleep is for the weak and is to be fought tooth and nail and all other wakeing moments are to be spent on the go meaning the times she is asleep I am far too tired to even consider crafting or blogging. Sigh.
I do however have some crafts to share. It's not knitting but it is something I have made, hurrah!

As I'm sure you're aware these little monkeys come with quite a bit of added stuff to carry around. Nappies, snacks, drinks, spare clothes, toys...all that. For my shame as someone who tries not to overload on "stuff" I have had two changing bags (plus one that came free with joining the Boots parenting club) and neither really fit the bill. Both were/are good in their own way but both were very definitely made for hanging off the back of a buggy which is fine...if you use a buggy. However this is my little monkey's preferred mode of transport (by the way rocking another lovingly handknit cardigan from grandma - my mum)

So I turned to the internet and this tutorial from Geeky Sweetheart and got my sewing machine out. This was serious stuff. A bag with lining...and a zip! So far my sewing machine adventures have been limited to a laundry bag, a skirt made from two rectangles, a very basic curtain and a little stuffed toy for a friend.  It was fine though. I managed to follow the pattern, I bossed using that zipper foot and now I have a bag with straps that can be worn either across the body or threaded through little hoops to make a backpack. It's great.

I mostly use it if I'm out alone and it's big enough for all her essentials (no mean feat as we use cloth nappies that do take up a fair bit more room than the disposable ones) plus my purse and phone. It's comfortable to carry as a backpack or if I'm carrying her on my back the strap is soft and lies flat with no buckles so it can be tied over her with no issue (understandably she doesn't like heavy or buckled straps being over her!) If Mr NM is with me we take his manbag and just throw the baby related stuff in there and one of us carries that whilst the other carries baby monkey. It works for us anyway. Also most yarn shops and little trinket shops (my favourite type of shops) really aren't pram/pushchair/buggy friendly so carrying works well for us. She's walking now though...scary stuff!

OK so obligatory cute baby picture with her sitting on another handmade item, not by me though! My great-uncle made me this chair when I was little. It's lovely that now she's getting to use it (and she's very fond of her special chair)

And finally...some crafting by the little monkey herself! A painting she did at nursery...ahhh! She loves painting and drawing and I'm rather excited to start collecting all her little pieces of artwork though I know long term I probably can't keep all of them. For now though I will get very excited over them and display them proudly on our boiler (the highest metal object we can attach them to with magnets, our fridge and freezer are both under counter so if I put it on there she'd pull it off).

I am going to try to blog more (I know I've said that before!) and I think the answer for me is to worry less about whether I have craft projects and knitting to show off and to blog more about all the other things we do. It will be nice to have some record.

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  1. Hello there! So nice to pop in again.Gosh, she's growing up quickly! Ros