Wednesday, 29 May 2013

When mummy can't knit ask grandma...

Various life events have rather gotten in the way of my knitting time, boo hiss and all that. The cardigan is progressing oh so slowly and we are a front and a half and two sleeves from an FO post. Oh dear.

It's ok though, Abigail is not going cold and handknit-less. Oh no. Never in this family! We are good Yorkshire women, we all knit and where I have failed Grandma stepped in. Another gorgeous little cardigan using Sirdar Crofter wouldn't think this was an acrylic/nylon yarn, it's sooooo soft and as the name suggests snuggly. The bonus is being acrylic/nylon it washes well and can take a beating, essential where babies are concerned...especially babies rapidly turning into toddlers who are into everything and making messes! This is the third of this cardigan Abigail has had, the first was in a pink, yellow and cream Crofter, the second in the lilac, white and blue and this in my most favourite (and my mum's!) GREEN (with some blue, cream and brown) Hurrah! Also green is just gorgeous with her beautiful ginger hair. I must steam iron that bottom edging so it lies flat but my mum handed it over today and I couldn't wait to get it on her.

 Ahh cute baby lack of posts and my own knitting is forgiven with cute baby pics surely? 


  1. Aw she's lovely.

    Well done Grandma for keeping up the woolies. You are allowed not to knit.

  2. Good old Grandma! Abigail looks very happy in her handknits!