Sunday, 18 August 2013

A woolly purchase

Today I made my first woolly purchase in nearly two years! Yep I've not bought yarn (for me, I bought some as a gift for my mum) since late 2011, unbelievable. I couldn't resist today though. It was not so much the wool as it's nothing fancy but a pattern that has gotten itself into my head and I just can't shake it. 

Lovely green King Cole merino blend DK. I really rare this range of yarns. They're budget friendly but still natural fibres and they wash really well and come in a huge range of colours. Budget friendly and machine washable are key at the moment though as this is for a garment for the always mucky and rapidly growing Abigail. I'm not saying she's not worth expensive hand wash only yarn, she totally is, I'd just rather wait until I have time for hand washing (so never then) and when covered in food, mud and paint aren't a constant probability.

I'll keep the pattern itself under my hat for now but I am excited...just have to finish my current knitting project first.

The current project is progressing, slowly but progressing. I do expect to finish it before she outgrows it. I have a back, a front and very nearly a second front. Only sleeves, button bands and making up to do.

One thing I will tell you about the pattern that drove me to a yarny's knit in one piece to the underarms then sleeves in the round and all joined together. Making up can bite me, I'm already dreading it for this cardi :-/

I do have a few days off work coming up with little miss still going to nursery so I can catch up on a few jobs round the house so I am hoping to fit in some crafting between jobs...fingers crossed.

Have a lovely week everyone x

Bonus cute baby pic, the cardigan is a grandma special, this nap is to thank for my nearly finished second front :-)

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  1. I agree with you about needing machine washable yarns for little ones. I wonder what your new project is going to be? Abigail has grown so much, I love the photo of her asleep!