Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Podster Mitts - FO

I must apologise again for being a terrible blogger, I really am sorry. Finding the time (and daylight, really failing where daylight is concerned!) to take photographs and get them uploaded has been proving difficult. I should make more of an effort but frankly the times when I am free I find myself putting napping or slumping doing not much at all ahead of blogger! Very naughty I know.

Enough of apologies though, everyone is busy sometimes and that's all there is to it!

What I did achieve at the weekend (between the napping and attempting to relax) was a finished pair of Podster Mitts, huzzah!

Podster mitts

I LOVE them. They do the job perfectly, I can use my touch screen phone whilst keeping the rest of my hands warm and whilst we've not had a winter like last year it has been pretty nippy lately so my fingers are grateful.

I am considering a little button to secure the mitten top when wearing them as fingerless gloves, I have some lovely little wooden ones that would go just perfectly. I'm not sure though as they don't flap about particularly so I may just leave them as they are. I do love buttons though...

To my relief I had enough yarn, I even have a little left over but not much. It's lovely yarn and feels like it will be really hardwearing. I bought it at a lovely little shop called Create in Ilkley but for those without access to Ilkley the dyer has an Etsy shop as well.  Not that I'm encouraging stash enhancement you understand, it's just in case you were wondering.

Needle sizes, pattern and all that jazz are on my Ravelry project page.

I am now being a very good girl and have gone back to my WIP pile, details on what I'm knitting from that will come at some point I'm sure.

Also for anyone interested (and I'm not sure whether anyone is) my other WIP is progressing very well and is now two thirds done!



  1. Your WIP looks like it's coming along brilliantly!

    Love your podster gloves too, the colours are wonderful! I really to make myself a pair, it's such a great idea. No more chilly fingers!

  2. I love those gloves - I have them in my Rav favourites now, and shall definitely be making myself a pair. You certainly have an impressive bump there!!

  3. They look great, I love how the yarn knitted up :) I keep meaning to make myself some of these, but by the time I get round to it, it'll probably be summer!

    Your WIP looks like it is brewing nicely :)

  4. ah cute mitts, and you other WIP is very cute too x

  5. Goop progress on that WIP ;)

    I think you should definitely add buttons. More buttons = more better as far as I'm concerned ;)

  6. Love the gloves! I say go with the buttons, they'll look even more fab! And the WIP is looking great ;)

  7. Oh the bump looks fabulous! Mitts pretty good too.