Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Finish or Frog It February

I am declaring this month Finish or Frog It February in the NorthernMonkey household. All those WIPs in my basket must be either finished (or well on their way to it) or frogged by the end of the month. I will NOT be casting on anything new unless I finish everything lucky enough to be put into the "to finish" pile. This is highly unlikely as I have rather let my WIPs build up and one of them is lace knitting.

First to survive my decision and make it on to the "to finish" pile, a pair of socks I started for Mr.NM way back in September, got as far as the heel flap and gave up. Oops. They're just simple, plain, no messing around, stockinette socks. OK so they need to be a size 11 but even then the simplicity factor means they shouldn't take too long to finish. I am now a good way down the foot of the first sock and it's whizzing along.

Hopefully I should get some pictures later today of some projects that are not so lucky and are heading for a one way trip to the frog pond.


  1. "Finish or frog it" - what a great idea! Personally I wouldn't count anything lace-weight as part of it, I see it as being in the same category as "sock yarn doesn't count as stash". Ahem. ;) Good luck with the rest of the socks.

  2. I think it's a great idea to clear longstanding projects out of the way! Size 11 is quite a lot of knitting!!! Hope you don't run out of yarn!

  3. Sounds like a good plan to me! Fingers crossed everything that finds its way to the finish pile gets done ;)

  4. i love the idea of finish or frog february, sadly i think i want to finish all of my WIP to which i have about 8-10 might be a long month lol