Sunday, 15 January 2012

Podster Gloves - WIP

You remember all those WIPs I mentioned? The ones I intended to either finish or frog? Well I promise I'll get round to them but...but...but... I cast on something new.

New year, new project. I just couldn't help myself.

I've wanted to knit myself a pair of Podster Gloves for ages, apparently the pattern was published in September 2009 and I suspect I've been eyeing them up since then. I just never really got round to it. Back in September 2009 I was still very much learning, had knit a pair of socks but was intimidated by the skills needed for the gloves. Instead of braving it I filed them away for future knitting. By the time I was at a point where the pattern didn't look remotely scary I had far too many other interesting things to knit!

I decided 2012 would be the year I'd knit them, get them done before Baby Monkey arrives and throws all my knitting plans out of the window. Also I did get an iPhone about a month ago so they seem a more useful item to have than ever. We'll ignore my "I'm never knitting gloves again" from when I finished the green gloves for my mum over Christmas, let's pretend that never happened.

I went in the stash, this is good, stash reduction! The yarn wasn't a particularly long term resident, purchased in December 2010.

knitting 160

It's Ba T'at sock yarn in Pheasant. Considering how well behaved I was on the yarn buying front in 2011 this may actually be my most recent sock yarn purchase, shocking. I'm not 100% on that though. Anyway it is lovely stuff, 100% merino and technically sport weight not sock yarn. It feels like it should be very hard wearing and I love the colours.

It's knitting up nicely and the pattern is very clear and easy to follow. I've actually progressed beyond what I have pictures of and am already knitting the fingers of the second glove but here are two progress shots of the first glove.



I knit the first glove but have saved knitting the mitten top part until I've finished the second glove for fear of running out of yarn. I should have enough but should and will are not the same thing! At least this way I'll definitely have a pair of fingerless gloves should I have yarn for the mitten tops.

I'll get on to the WIP pile soon, honest.


  1. Great job on the gloves! Love the yarn x

    Leah x

  2. New yarn, new project - just right!!! Your gloves are looking great, and I love the yarn.

  3. Awesome! They look great in that colorway!

  4. New year, new project sounds perfectly justifiable to me ;) But that may be because I had a bit of a casting on frenzy this weekend!

    Love the yarn, gorgeous colours, and even better that it is stash yarn. The gloves are looking fab :)

  5. I could do with a pair of gloves like that! Love the yarn colour.