Friday, 28 October 2011

A public service announcement

This is a public service announcement.

I will not, I repeat WILL NOT be producing any knitted Christmas gifts this year.

I look forward to watching other people completing their Christmas knitting and other Christmas crafting whilst I knit away on enjoyable things for me (and my mum's gloves). I may finish the socks I'm knitting for Mr.NM in time for Christmas, if that's the case I'll wrap them up but they are not specifically Christmas knitting.

Did you know you only have 8 weeks left?  Don't hurt me for reminding you...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Morven - WIP

This morning it wasn't raining, hurrah! It wasn't grey or overcast either, double hurrah! I stepped out of the front door and took a deep breath of cold, refreshing air and was reminded of my love of autumn (which is lacking when it's raining all the time!). This is probably my favourite sort of weather. Cold but clear and bright. It's just fantastic. I can wrap up in woolies but I wont get soaked to the skin.

My camera charger is still MIA so I put the camera on my mobile phone into use, it's not a bad picture for a mobile phone and the bright morning really helped.

My morven is getting so much closer to done. I'm just working on the sleeves, I'd rather hoped to have it finished for this weekend (we're visiting family) but as I'm at choir tonight and have stuff to do tomorrow after work then we're travelling on Friday evening it's not going to happen. Still I'm over half way through the first sleeve and it does fly once I get going, stockinette in the round knit in chunky, can't complain!


A closer look at the cable, this was fun to knit but I'll confess I got a bit bored of it closer to the end of the body.


I'm a bit bored of the knit full stop really. I've enjoyed it and I know it's going to be a great, warm jumper and it fits (I tried it on quickly before starting the sleeves to check the body length) but finishing the sleeves is always a bit boring. At least I don't have to sew it up afterwards though!

I'm planning my next project for after this. I'm still working (slowly) on my lace scarf and have plain stockinette socks but I want something inbetween that in difficulty/attention needed. I shall have to nosey through my queue and see. The cold weather is making me want gloves but I hate knitting the fingers so that's a no! I'm almost tempted to buy some gloves for this winter, dreadful I know but those fiddly fingers…I just don't enjoy it.

That reminds me actually…I need to finish knitting the gloves I started for my mum ages ago…ho hum.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Photography fail

We've had some beautiful sunshine, it's not warm but it's bright and sunny.  Perfect photo taking weather after the recent seemingly endless grey.  I want to share pictures of my knitting, I do.  I ran into a small problem.

I can't find the charger for my camera anywhere and the battery is dead.  Blast.

It seems the universe is conspiring against my blogging efforts.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

At attempt to look sophisticated

Apologies again for infrequent updates. My knitting progress is slow so I don't have much to share on that front and the dismal grey weather is rather hampering any attempts at photography.

I thought I'd share a recent non-knitting purchase.

I must confess I am not the most well presented person. It's not intentional, I have great ideas on how to dress and how I want to look but I'm a dishevelled mess half the time no matter how hard I try to look smart. I am also rather indecisive on clothes, I buy things on a whim and don't wear them and then will wear the same old things over and over again. My major issue in recent years has been my winter coat.

I bought my old winter coat in 2003 when I was in my second year of university. It's a navy duffle coat from Topshop and has been worn every winter since. I adore it but it has started to look worse for wear in more recent years, 7 winters of wear will do that to a coat. It has a large hole in the lining, it's wearing thin at the cuffs and there is a small hole in the sleeve where some charmer walked into me with a cigarette. It really needed replacing.

I've been attempting to find a suitable replacement for about 3 years but repeatedly failing, nothing ticked all my boxes. I wanted a good percentage of wool in the blend, a natural fabric as a lining so it was breathable and then other important things like a nice colour (not black, it doesn't suit me) and a nice shape. It also had to be within my budget which was where the issues arose.

Last week in that brief snapshot of beautiful, sunny weather, I found the perfect coat. I snapped it up and am very much charmed by it. It's PURPLE, a purple coat, how lovely is that? I will finally part with the "Paddington Bear coat" as the old, navy duffle came to be known.


The only problem (it's not really a problem) this coat is REALLY smart. Far more grown up and sophisticated than my old coat. It's a lovely cut and looks very sophisticated, this means me attempting to look sophisticated in it. I think I'd better get a move on with that lovely grey laceweight scarf which will look just perfect against the purple. Perhaps I'll have to actually move towards co-ordinating knitwear, the horror!

I'm hoping (if my photography is up to it) to be able to share some knitterly progress soon, remember that purple jumper? Well the body is finished...hurrah!