Monday, 5 December 2011

New technology get!

Mr NM and I are both suckers for technology, sadly our budgets don't really match our desire for gadgets but there are times when shiny new things with buttons are a possibility.

Rather excitingly the weekend was one of those times. I got a message last week saying we were eligible to upgrade our mobile phone contracts, very exciting stuff! Now it's about 5 years since I upgraded a phone contract, I used pay as you go for a while before nearly two years ago deciding to go back to contract and joining the smartphone generation. Unfortunately those phones were very much on their last legs so the opportunity to get something new and shiny was thoroughly appreciated. Apparently these days instead of the phone company telling you what phones are available (as was the case last time I was on contract and upgraded) you can just choose anything they do, amazing.

We picked up our new phones at the weekend but with such shiny new things we saw a problem, too many opportunities to scratch shiny touchscreens! The cases available in the shop were rather expensive and with no reviews available we decided to wait until we got up, read reviews and order on-line. In the meantime I got my knitting needles and sock yarn leftovers out to knit up some little gadget socks to keep those fancy screens safe for now.

Gadget socks

His is the larger sock, his phone is bigger than mine though I must confess I did misjudge and cast on too many stitches so it's a tad big. I offered to re-knit but my offer was declined. I used some leftover Regia in one of the Flusi The Sock Monster colourways (his choice) and then for mine some leftover Laughing Yaffle in Spring Fling. I'm hoping these will keep the phones safe and scratch free until proper cases can be purchased.


  1. That is a really good idea. I have mine in a black otter box case but I keep losing it in my purse so a colorful knit cozy might be the answer to my problem.

  2. Exciting stuff! great choice of colours!

  3. When you do buy a case it will make the phone a bit bigger so Mr Monkey might still be able to use his slightly large Sock Monster cover...For extra extra protection!

  4. I got a smartphone a few months ago, and I don't know how I did without it! I didn't know you could get covers for them until I saw a friend in work with a cover on hers. You probably know the thing I mean. It fits around the edge of the phone, and has gaps for the bit where you plug in the charger etc.

    Of course, this was after I dropped mine in the driveway and it bounced into the flowerbed leaving a big scratch on the corner of my phone! Doh!!! My friend paid £12 for her cover in the Carphone Warehouse, but I got mine on ebay for the princely sum of £2.75, which included postage! And it also had a thing you stick over the screen to stop it getting scratched.

  5. My husband's currently nagging me to knit a sock for his smartphone… I really should get on with it!