Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fallberry mitts - WIP

Looking out of my office window it’s pretty difficult to believe that this time last year we had to walk home from work as the buses had stopped running and that this was out street.


Compared to last year November has been so mild and it doesn’t seem likely to get as snowy as that any time soon. You watch it happen now I’ve said that! I am just hoping and crossing my fingers that if there is to be any snow it holds out until after Christmas when our visits to family across the Pennines are out of the way!

It may be mild but there is still a chill in the air so I thought it was a good time to cast on something to attempt to combat that. Having finished my Morven I felt rather good and positive about starting something new. I realise this is still ignoring my other WIPs, very naughty but so what, I am the boss of what I knit so there!

I need new fingerless mitts, I hate knitting fingers so any hand warming things I knit are likely to be full mittens or fingerless ones, as I still have last year’s mittens doing the full hand coverage duties and as I said, it’s not that cold yet, I definitely wanted fingerless.

I also knew I had this lovely stuff in my stash, far too soft and pretty to hide in boots! Also it doesn’t feel like it will survive being socks though I may be wrong on that one. Anyway, I didn’t want to hide it and I did want to use it so out of the stash it came.

knitting 036

Next was finding the right pattern, something pretty but simple with a memorable repeat and a proper thumb gusset, not just a gap to stick my thumb through. I know a couple of bloggers whose blogs I enjoy (josiekitten and snoopydog, check them out if you don’t read already) are big fans of Anne Hanson. Now I’m on a pattern purchasing ban but it just so happens that she has a pattern in the Winter 2011 Knitty for some mitts that fit my requirements pretty perfectly.

BLOG 161

I started them on Sunday and am now at the increases for the thumb so not too shabby, I could knit them more quickly really as the pattern is simple to remember and good fun to knit but obviously there’s still that blasted issue of actually finding knitting time! I am happy so far though, I love the colours and I am thoroughly enjoying the pattern. An all round winner I’d say.

Also I must confess that whilst we're being pretty frugal this year and I'm not doing any Christmas knitting I can't help but be getting a tad excited about the upcoming celebrations.  Attempts to be scrooge-y about it always fail, I just love it and am a complete big kid!  As it's now December I'm totally allowed to mention the C word anyway, just need to decide when our decorations are going up.


  1. Oooh, that yarn looks lovely :) Definitely too nice to hide in socks. The mitts are looking fab.

    I'm a big kid too :) Usually I would put up decorations on 1st December, but I will wait until the weekend so there can be plenty of time and Christmas music ;)

  2. What gorgeous yarn, and a lovely pattern. I've been introduced to Anne Hanson's patterns through Snoopydog and Josiekitten's blogs too. I have plans to make one of her scarves. Good luck with the rest of your gloves. :)

  3. I love the yarn, it's so pretty! It is a fabulous pattern, it's on my rather long list of Anne Hanson patterns that I'd like to knit, someday!!

  4. I love the color of your mittens! They will keep your hands warm and cozy. We have an unusually warm winter in Germany, too. Well, that gives us more time to knit winter accessoires before we actually need them :-)
    Yours, Julia

  5. Now! Decorations now!

    Those mittens are super fun. Bright and cheery and perfect for this totally meh December weather.