Sunday, 12 June 2011

The good and the bad

It is raining heavily in my part of West Yorkshire at the moment but I have a bit of summer in my living room. We have a beautiful peony plant in the garden, unfortunately the flowers are so heavy that they droop to the ground and get don't last very long. I know when they're drooping it upsets Mr.NM so this year I decided to enjoy some of them in our living room instead.

knitting 218

I left some outside of course and the bees seem to be enjoying them.

I finished my cowl. The way the weather is I feel like I could be wearing it now! I'm really happy with the way it came out and I just love this yarn, it's such a gorgeous colour and so soft and snuggly. I'm looking forward to knitting the matching fingerless mitts.

knitting 219

knitting 221

knitting 220

knitting 223

I think I should actually knit the patterns from magazines I buy more often!

I am going to show you something now and I suggest you get a cup of tea and sit down, it's quite shocking and rather upsetting. Are you ready? Well there was a little accident in the Monkey household...

knitting 230

Do you see what's wrong with that picture? Let's get a bit closer shall we?

knitting 231

One of my 5mm knitpro nova tips...bent...bah! I am not happy. I believe it was stepped on and whilst I know it shouldn't have been on the floor (and am not entirely certain how it came to be left on the floor) but I'm still upset. Fortunately I don't need a 5mm tip at the moment but I must remember to replace it before I come to do a project using a 5mm needle only to find I don't have one any more.

Still bent needles aside I've had a good weekend and am feeling quite accomplished to have another WIP turn into an FO...I'm ignoring the fact it was a new WIP and not one that has been sitting there for ages unknit. Ho hum.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and has an excellent week.


  1. Love your peonies - like fairy tutus! The cowl looks nice and soft too.

  2. It's chucking it down here in Belfast too, and has been since about 2pm. And it's also raining at the Canadian F1 Grand Prix too! I've found you can get lots of knitting done when a race is on!

    Your cowl is gorgeous, as are the peonies. I'm feeling your pain re the needle. I sat on a pair of KnitPro wooden needles once, broke both of them, and then for good measure, sat on another one a few months later! Moral of the story - don't leave needles on the sofa!

  3. The peonies and the cowl go very well together!

    Love the cowl ... so neatly done!

  4. Oh your poor needles ! I got really upset last week when a bag of buttons I had lovingly chosen to finish of a project had completely disappeared from where I had left them + no one is owning up to said missing buttons either grrrr.

    Like the cowl.

    Have a great week.

    Leah x

  5. That cowl looks so snuggly, love the colour too :)

  6. Those peonies are lovely, they do look like very heavy flowers. Love the cowl, with the weather we are having now I could wear one too ...

    Don't forget to replace the needle tip! I would do that and then remember when I went looking for that size!

  7. The cowl turned out lovely - and it might well come in handy before the 'summer' is done :)