Sunday, 29 May 2011

Monkey gets her mojo back

I admitted recently having rather lost my knitting mojo. I was fed up with all my WIPs no matter how beautiful and the urge to knit just wasn't there, I couldn't explain it. Well it's back, that beginning of a sock seen in my post about camping has rather developed.

Last night I watched the Champions League Final. Mr.NM is a big football fan (as in Soccer for any US readers) he's not a fan of either team who played in the final but he likes to watch the bigger matches regardless of who is playing. He was rather pleased with the result, him coming from Liverpool and me from Leeds neither one of us is a fan of Manchester United! There were some cheers from us that Barcelona won.

I don't object to watching football but I knit through the match, I knit like the wind! I forgot just how quickly plain, stockinette socks grow, how much fun self striping yarn is and just how enjoyable it is to have a bit of completely mindless, no pattern to check, knitting on the go.

At kick off I had this:

knitting 199

At half-time I had this: (20 minutes of first half knitting time were lost to me making and eaching cheese on time!)

knitting 201
At full time I had this:

knitting 204

They seemed to just fly off the needles, brilliant! Just what I needed to get me going again. I didn't stop after the match. This morning I had this:

knitting 206

One finished sock! (also one very pasty leg...oh dear!) I immediately cast on the second and over the course of today am racing along and am on the gusset decreases. I may even have a new pair of woolly socks in time for our next camping trip, we're going to the Lake District at the weekend and I'm thoroughly excited.

The yarn is Opal Schafpate in the creatively named colourway 2712. It's lovely yarn, the colours are slightly heathered instead of being the harsh, bolder colours you get in some self-striping. It also feels very much like it has been a sheep instead of feeling over-processed and unnatural. It's just lovely and I'm very glad I have another ball of this yarn in a different colourway as I bought three when in Berlin a year ago. I've used it before on socks for Mr.NM and can confirm it's sturdy stuff and washes really well in the machine, he wears his a lot and they still look newly knit.

I'm excited to have my knitting mojo back and have lots of ideas whirling in my head for what projects I want to cast on...and I will finish my WIPs, honest!


  1. Glad to hear you've got your knitting mojo back, you'll be full of ideas again now. I love those socks, they're a gorgeous colour.

  2. I love knitting simple stockinette stick socks. They do just fly off the needles! It looks nice and snug :-)

  3. Hi Northern Monkey!

    I just replied to you about the camping on my blog, not sure if you get notifications about that?

    Your socks look fab! Wish I could knit like that, after simple knitting and purling, im lost! All the different colours and the wire thing look complicated to me, but the end result is fantastic :)

  4. Great to hear your mojo is back! Awesome colors in that sock, love it!